Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Nuevo Area!


Gracias gracias for your letters. Mom I loved your letters and updates and everything made such better sense. Wow it is crazy, you never know when someone can die in an instant, even when they are way healthy. I´ll bet that was way hard for Tyler Bastian.

The retreat sounded way fun, you are right I was there with you in Spirit. I can just imagine it, I would have loved to have been there especially for the testimony meeting. I hunger things that now. Because those are the memories that we will remember, not what we bought, but what we felt. I am learning a lot about that right now.

Dad I absolutely loved the pictures of Danner. He is the cutest fairy I have ever seen. Was that for the Halloween dance? Who did he go to homecoming with? OH and dad, that last email you sent with the picture of the retreat, there wasn´t a pic attached. Gracias for updated me on everything.

Well to say the least this last week has been one big surprise. I was transfered but to the area right next door. There are only 2 areas for Hermanas in the big city of Mar del Plata and the area right next door is Centro. It is a different stake and zone, and it is the center city of the center, in this large city of Mar del Plata. So most of it is shops and high rises. Even more city than my last area. But I am excited. The one thing that is nice about this situation is that we do divisions with each other almost every week so I will get to see my converts in this area so I haven´t really left my area. In the summer time, which is soon, pretty much all of Argentina shows up to vacation here. So it will be interesting to have Christmas hear with all of the world in hot weather.

The other interesting thing is that the two sisters that were in Centro, one of them is coming to Pompeya, so all we did is a swap. So I know my companion, her name is Hermana Lindsey Koch pronounced Cook, she is from Woods Cross believe it or not. What a small world. She has 11 months in the mission and is really great. I am excited. The other day we were talking and I couldn´t get myself to talk in English. Because it has been so off limits for me with my other companions. But I hope I will keep that habit up because I am getting to the point where I don´t have to think much to talk in Spanish. I was so blessed to have Latinas in the first 6 months of my mission. I am excited to get to know another ward and new people. I need a change, even though it isn´t a big change, but I´ll go where he wants me to go. It has kind of been funny. Life is definitely an adventure!

WE HAD A BAPTISM THIS WEEK! It was so great and so natural. This boy is 14 years old and so great. He is quiet but is so firm and responsible. He life hasn´t been easy and doesn´t really have a good relationship with his parents. He came to church with a friend and now all the young men in the church and always hanging out together playing soccer at the church. His name is Walter and yesterday was his baptism. We had a lot of lessons with him and the young men fo the ward, which are all new converts. I loved teaching them becuase we were able to do a lot of fun things and I love seeing their excitement to keep the commandments. Yesterday we were at the church early with all the chicos and walter and Walter came in at 5¨30, a half hour before his baptism with all his white clothes on, he was so ready to be baptized and so excited. We laughed and laughed, such pure spirits. I absolutely love my converts. This week I said goodbye to some of the members and they were so cute and tender. My new favorite thing is giving besos to all of the Hermanas and little kids. I think I am going to start that tradition in the US when I get home. When a little kid walks in the room they are trained to give a beso to everyone sitting in the room, especially visitors. I absolutely love it and love the respect they have here.
Well my testimony is stronger than ever and I am ready to work and work. I love you and thank you for your constant support!!

Hermana Kjar

P.S. have you gotten any letters from me in the mail? I believe I sent one to Ben, Katie, and Danner. And ask mandy if she is working on my Send out card for my 6 month mark. She hasn´t emailed me back.