Sunday, April 24, 2011

Today I Am Grateful for a Righteous Father

Lately, having seen many good men fall to temptations and lose their testimony, I have been so grateful for a pure father who honors his Priesthood. I have total and complete trust in him. I know he will never do anything to disappoint my family or stray from the church. There are not many men that I can say that about.
My dad has an incredible faith in the Savior. He will do anything that is required to serve in the church and give whatever is needed. He truly gives EVERYTHING to the church. His life totally revolves around the Lord and this wonderful church.
Today something happened that reaffirmed my total trust and gratitude for my father. Today is Easter Sunday, which means we ARE singing in the ward choir. It is something that we have done as a family for a long time. We had a choir practice at 8:20 before our meetings began. When my dad woke up that morning, he was swollen all over. He had had a allergic reaction to something the night before. His tongue, lips, hands, and feet were all swollen and itchy. My mom told me that dad was not going to choir practice because his tongue was swollen and he couldn't even talk very well.
While I was getting ready I heard my dad get out of bed and come out of his room. I had to go see how looked, poor thing. Let's just say he didn't look perky and ready for choir practice. I felt so bad. Well, my dad realized the importance of Easter sunday and also that he was one of the only Basses in our choir. He got ready in a jiff, and he was in the car before I was. I was shocked to see him ready for choir practice.
Not only did he go to sacrament meeting, he went early to practice, and stood in front of the whole ward with his swollen face. Where do his priorities lie? What is most important to my dad? The Lord and the church are much more important than his appearance. Not many people noticed this small act of dedication to the church. But I sure noticed it and I will never forget it. I will never doubt that my father will choose the church above all other things, no matter what trials and pestilences come. I love him!!

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Haley K said...

Your Father is amazing...and I feel SO blessed to call him my Dad as well :) I felt so bad when I heard about his awesome that he pushed past the pain to serve and sing praises for His Savior. Love him! And love you Shar :)