Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Nuevo Area!


Gracias gracias for your letters. Mom I loved your letters and updates and everything made such better sense. Wow it is crazy, you never know when someone can die in an instant, even when they are way healthy. I´ll bet that was way hard for Tyler Bastian.

The retreat sounded way fun, you are right I was there with you in Spirit. I can just imagine it, I would have loved to have been there especially for the testimony meeting. I hunger things that now. Because those are the memories that we will remember, not what we bought, but what we felt. I am learning a lot about that right now.

Dad I absolutely loved the pictures of Danner. He is the cutest fairy I have ever seen. Was that for the Halloween dance? Who did he go to homecoming with? OH and dad, that last email you sent with the picture of the retreat, there wasn´t a pic attached. Gracias for updated me on everything.

Well to say the least this last week has been one big surprise. I was transfered but to the area right next door. There are only 2 areas for Hermanas in the big city of Mar del Plata and the area right next door is Centro. It is a different stake and zone, and it is the center city of the center, in this large city of Mar del Plata. So most of it is shops and high rises. Even more city than my last area. But I am excited. The one thing that is nice about this situation is that we do divisions with each other almost every week so I will get to see my converts in this area so I haven´t really left my area. In the summer time, which is soon, pretty much all of Argentina shows up to vacation here. So it will be interesting to have Christmas hear with all of the world in hot weather.

The other interesting thing is that the two sisters that were in Centro, one of them is coming to Pompeya, so all we did is a swap. So I know my companion, her name is Hermana Lindsey Koch pronounced Cook, she is from Woods Cross believe it or not. What a small world. She has 11 months in the mission and is really great. I am excited. The other day we were talking and I couldn´t get myself to talk in English. Because it has been so off limits for me with my other companions. But I hope I will keep that habit up because I am getting to the point where I don´t have to think much to talk in Spanish. I was so blessed to have Latinas in the first 6 months of my mission. I am excited to get to know another ward and new people. I need a change, even though it isn´t a big change, but I´ll go where he wants me to go. It has kind of been funny. Life is definitely an adventure!

WE HAD A BAPTISM THIS WEEK! It was so great and so natural. This boy is 14 years old and so great. He is quiet but is so firm and responsible. He life hasn´t been easy and doesn´t really have a good relationship with his parents. He came to church with a friend and now all the young men in the church and always hanging out together playing soccer at the church. His name is Walter and yesterday was his baptism. We had a lot of lessons with him and the young men fo the ward, which are all new converts. I loved teaching them becuase we were able to do a lot of fun things and I love seeing their excitement to keep the commandments. Yesterday we were at the church early with all the chicos and walter and Walter came in at 5¨30, a half hour before his baptism with all his white clothes on, he was so ready to be baptized and so excited. We laughed and laughed, such pure spirits. I absolutely love my converts. This week I said goodbye to some of the members and they were so cute and tender. My new favorite thing is giving besos to all of the Hermanas and little kids. I think I am going to start that tradition in the US when I get home. When a little kid walks in the room they are trained to give a beso to everyone sitting in the room, especially visitors. I absolutely love it and love the respect they have here.
Well my testimony is stronger than ever and I am ready to work and work. I love you and thank you for your constant support!!

Hermana Kjar

P.S. have you gotten any letters from me in the mail? I believe I sent one to Ben, Katie, and Danner. And ask mandy if she is working on my Send out card for my 6 month mark. She hasn´t emailed me back.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Six month mark

I've never been the kind to testify
I don´t have the words his truth deserves
But it´s a simple thing he asks a worthy heart and willing hands
He says if I make the choice He´ll help me find my voice
He calls me to serve and I cannot fail him
The one who has given me all that I have
I place my trust in him alone, he knows the yearnings of my soul
Because he believes in my I will go willingly
How can i keep this gift to myself when I can lift somebody else
I am a witness of his miracles and his mercy
I put my future in his hands knowings he´s made me all I am
When I put my faith him, then truth begins to speak
His power is real it moves me until, I CANNOT BE STILL.

I have reached 6 months, living the sweet life of a missionary. These 4 months in Argentina I have spent in Mar del Plata in the same area with native companions. I have had to learn the language fast, but it is a blessing. The mission is amazing. I love every part of it. From automatically loving the people you have never met before, having new adventures everyday, feeling that no one wants to listen, spending every hour of your day thinking about how we can bring others to Christ, feeling the love fo the members, being led in the most interesting ways to discover someone in need, Panaderias, knocking door after door knowing you are one door closer to that person searching, eating every part of all kinds of animals, searching for the will fo the Lord in all things, saying 20+ prayers everyday with your companion, witnessing the gospel change hearts and then change lives, returning after a hard day of the Lord work and knowing you did your best in the Lords vineyard. Like Elder Nielson of the Seventy said in the last conference, this is our calling and responsibility as the rising generation to take the gospel to every nation. I feel blessed to be a part of this marvelous work and am trying to become who that Lords wants me to be.

Hermana Kjar


Wow, I was not expecting that news. How did Rick die? The Lord works in interesting ways. Who is in our new STake Presidency? Dad thanks for the update and the miracles. The Lord has a plan for everything. I can´t believe that half of their family now is on the other side. But luckily we have this knowledge, this knowledge I get to share with people everyday on the streets. Knowledge that is so different and if people are ready, this knowledge can turn their heads and cause them to change their lives. I can´t believe we had another 2 deaths in our ward boundaries. MOm and Dad, are you thinking of moving out of the ward yet? jk, man that is crazy.

WEll this week was great. We completed all of our goals and even planned and executed a ward activity. Let´s just say when I say ward activity don´t think of a ward activity in Utah. Think of a pary with 2 people, even though our ward probably has the same amount of people as my home ward. But we had fun and laughed a lot. We had everyone bring fruit and together we made a delicious fruit salad and talked about the unity of the barrio that we need so badly. Then we did some scripture skits and we laughed so hard because they never do stuff like this here so the acting skills were funny. It was fun and I am glad we did it.

This week is probably my last week in Mar del plata so we are living it up! Today we went to Puerto, or the Port and saw sea lions large ships, fresh fish, fisherman, and took long walks up and down the port. WE had a lot of fun just the two of us.

This week we were able to spend more time with Jessica (my convert) and her family. WE can finally enter her house and teach her children. It brings me so much joy to be with her family because she has changed so much and it shows in her family. He children want to be baptized so in time they will be. I had to break the news to her that I will probably be leaving on Sunday and she started bawling and was scared that I would never see her again or write her. This will be hard to leave, especailly because it is my first area. But I can feel it is time. The language is coming, I am feeling a lot better and can understand everything and surprise myself sometimes at how much I can say.

My ankle is feeling a lot better. We starting running in the mornings again and I think that has helped strengthen my ankle. The Lord is blessing me.

I am so grateful especially at this point of my mission to be growing. The Lord is helping me so much by telling me things I need to improve and I feel my spirit growing so much. We have a baptism this sunday with a young 14 year old boy named Walter. He is really shy but really firm. I hope it all works out and his parents cooperate.

On thursday I complete 6 MONTHS in the mission, can you believe it! Also Happy Halloween. It doesn´t feel like halloween at all. Because it is Spring and hardly anyone celebrates Halloween here, but we will do something special. Me and my companion were thinking about dressing up as each other. haha, that is just about as crazy as we can be in the mission.

I love you all so much!! besos, besos
Hermana KJar


October 19, 2009

Familia – mi solcita, amorcita

I just got an email from Luke and Becca, how exciting, I hope it really does turn out to be a boy. I am so grateful to hear that the CNG and Autosource thing is working out well. How convenient. I´ll bet it is a lot easier for Jeremy.

This week has been good. I was sick but we still went out and worked and I think I am getting over it. My ankle has been bothering me but I am scared to go get it checked because going is home is my worst fear.(no offense family) But it isn´t way bad, but it bothers. My body is going to be so worn out and tired by the time I get home.

Yesterday was mothers day in Argentina, it was kind of sad to not have a mother to celebrate with and all the members didn´t want to invite us over because they had all of there family over. So we decided to go visit a few sisters in our ward that are in rest homes. It was so perfect and helped us forget ourselves and help others who needed our help and comfort. We went to visit one old lady named Isabel and her family didn´t even come to say hello to her. But she was so happy, especially when we showed her the pictures of the temple and the prophets. There was a lot of lonely mothers there and we did a little cheering up. There was a piano and I started playing songs, and it is really rare for people to have musical talent here so they were all so surprised. But it made my day and we want to go back more often. Oh and mom - Feliz Dia de la Madre from your daughter in Argentina. I love you and miss you.

We made little papers with dried flowers to give to all the women in our ward to thank them for being out mothers away from home. It was a good day. We have a ward activity that we are planning for this Friday. We will be making fruit salad together and doing scripture skits. I hope people come and we can get out point and lesson across – ward unity. Pray for us!

I heard about the girls retreat from Becca, how fun to have all the sister in laws. It all sounded amazing. Can we do it after I get home next year? In the end of October or November. I love my sisters so much and miss every one.

The work is moving along and we are working hard. I love every minute. Elder Bowen from the Seventy that took Elder Robbins spot came to visit us. He laid down the line and I learned sooooo much. I am so grateful for righteous leaders that recieve revelation from God to help us improve. It was an awakening that I need to do better. I have two more weeks in Pompeya and am enjoying every bit of it!

Keep the Faith and remember your covenants you made in the temple.

Love you more!
Hermana Kjar
October 12, 2009

Querido Familia,

Como esta C-ville y mi familia? Gracias for the update from the Homecoming stuff. Sounds so fun!! It is so great that Danner has parents that help him with everything. Who did Danner take? Dad I can´t believe Blaine Cox is back in church. What a missionary you are! That is so great!

Mom I got your package last week, it was amazing. Did I tell you I needed socks and nylons? Everything you sent was perfect. Just so you know I think your package came in exactly 2 weeks.

This week was really good and was a testimony that the Lord really does have a hand in this work. There was one day that we were so tired and sick of walking and knocking doors just to have people reject us and tell us they are Catholic or we are wrong. We had walked all morning and every appnmt fell through and we hadn´t entered one house. We returned to our house for lunch and we were both really frustrated and wondering what we are doing wrong. So I said a long prayer and told the Lord everything I was feeling. Then we were back out on the streets at 3.30. It was so interesting because we had so much success that afternoon and people actually started talking to us. We ended up getting 5 new investigators which is really good. And we entered the home of a family that is way crazy but so fun. Our lessons were so distinct and humorous.

The first was with 2 grandpas who were chillin in the street and started talking with me because one of them knew a little bit of English – hahaha. We had a really powerful discussion and the Spirit was so strong during the first vision. It was a testimony to my companion and I that we are doing the right thing. But both of them ended up telling us that they like our message but they are catholics and have their Bible. Some people are so hard!!

The second discussion was with a grandma who couldn´t hear anything. When we started the discussion she kept telling us to talk louder and then would scoot her chair closer. By the end we were about 4 inches from her face yelling in her ear. Haha, I think the whole block heard our message. That´s what we want right?

The third was with this family that is way outgoing and crazy. They were so curious that once we started answering one question they asked a new one and we ended up teaching a little bit of every discussion. It was pretty fun!!

Well we have our new bishop and it has been amazing. He is so organized and young and wants to do so much. It is a breath of fresh air to our ward. Our ward is taking a new turn and I hopw a lot of people reactivate. We are doing great and trying to stay focused in teh work. I am a little sick because I had a sore throat and then we were outside all night in a really bad rain storm and decided to take advantage of the puddles. So we came back to the house soaked and I caught a cold. Oops!! But all is well. We are going to play sports on the beach, and tomorrow I think I am going to chop my hair, awwwww!

Love you so much,
God bless -
Hermana KJar
October 5, 2009

Dearest familia,

I feel so blessed right now at this point of my mission. There is no where else I would rather be. (even though I am sad I missed the trip with danner, how fun!) We were able to watch every single session of conference, except priesthood of course. I was so spiritual fed, it was like a feast and something I hunger for especially here in the mission. Being here far away from Salt Lake City gave me a stronger testimony that our prophets and apostles really are the seers for the whole world called of God. We had 4 investigators come to conference and each one absolutely loved it. It is good for investigators to see the organization that we have and feel of the power and spirit that is in each word. I especially loved the last session with elder holland and Elder nielson of the seventy, because they were about missionary work and I was filled. I was grateful for all the talks about Gods love because it is something that we talk about alot with people because they are always asking why there is so much bad and suffering people when there is a God that loves his children. They have a seperate room for the missionaries from the US to listen to conference in English. It was great to hear the real voices of the prophets.
This week was good, we found more success in our work and have some new investigators. My companion is great and we are having fun. I love listening to her sing in English, aka jibberish. We bought a huge watermelon the other day and are still working on it. It reminded me of summers with dad- pounding all the watermelons in the store and making a scene, and then eating it in large slices with salt. I miss little memories like that. This week I completed 5 months in the mission, I can´t believe it. It was also Hna Fierros 22nd birthday and we celebrated with brownies and a tour of Mar del plata (haha, because we took the right bus but the wrong direction). It was definetely an adventure and our bus hit another car and this older lady that was standing next to me got clotheslined by my arm when we crashed and she basically bit my arm because her mouth was open because she was screaming when my arm clotheslined her. I couldn´t stop laughing and she was kind of upset. Oops, it provided for a good day of fun.

MOm and Dad, those pictures look so fun! I loved everyone. Danner is such a lucky ducky! I am excited to hear who the new stake presidency is. Did they have a ceremony for Tank? Wow, haha, what kind of dog does grandma have. My brothers are becoming the new crocidile hunters, eh? what adventures they have while their wifes are laying on teh beach watching thier bellies grow. When does Haley and Becca find out what they are having?

Well I love you all so much and hope to hear from you soon!
Hna Kjar

The True Church

September 28, 2009

Dear family,

I am content in my service. This week was good, cold, trying, tiring, fun, spiritual, frustrating, new, and fulfilling. Everytime I think about what I want to write my family I am reminded at how many emotions are involved in this work. I can´t imagine the work of the Lord and how Bipolar that can be. But I am staying grounded in the gospel. No matter what happens in our live the only thing that will stay constant and firm is the gospel of Jesus Christ and our relationship with God.

This week we did a lot of searching and knocking doors. The Argentine people can definitely be tough sometimes. But we try to continue on with a smile knowing that one day we will find that person and it will be all worth it.

Hermana Fierro is great and we laugh a lot. She is a little bit more laid back than Hna Lopez and in someways that is good but it some ways that can be bad. But we work good together. Both of my companions have had one parent that is not a member. It is amazing to see their desire to have a family like mine. I have taken for granted the opportunity to have a family that is sealed in the temple. And I didn´t have to work for it, I was born into it. Mom and dad, thank you for living worthy lives and staying strong to be married in the temple. So many people would give anything to have a complete family that is all mormons. Hna Lopez told me that she learned a lot from my family. Just through your little gifts or notes, it impacted her a lot.

I am so glad to hear the baptism was great. I love watching newbies enter the church, they are like little children. I about started crying when I read what danner said in his testimony. I am so grateful for him and his friendship. The least I could do for him is help him learn a little more before he serves a mission. He is more of an example to me. I can´t wait for our Kjar bear hug in 3 years!! But time will fly and we will be mature adults!! Haha, Love you bud, write me! Continue the missionary work, I am sure there are others waiting. Pres Hinckley said every member knows someone that is ready to be baptized, even in Utah!

Dad thanks for you story about our missionary in Denmark. That story will help me in lessons or other things in the mission. People ask me about when my ancestors joined and I can´t tell them much, so thanks.

Our ward had a major change this week. We changed bishobrics and now we have a 27 year old bishop, and the two counselors are 27 and 25. So it is a huge change but they all served missions so I hope missionary work is important to them. This will shake our ward a little bit, so we are focusing on visiting a lot of members this week. I am feeling the weight of the world really strong in this work. The second coming is drawing close and the hearts of the people are hardening. The Lord is sifting out the week from his ward and branches and it is tough. At least we know we are on the Lords side.

I am glad to heare grandma smoot is home but sad to hear Tank died, is he that old?
This week we found a few investigators that we are so excited about. One is named Enrique, he is 75 and has a son that is inactive. But he doesn´t know much and we taught him his first lesson about the plan of salvation. He was on the edge of his seat teh whole time because he wanted to learn so bad. This information is so important, it is about thier salvation and eternity. His wife died a long time ago and so he was really curious. He is definitely prepared, and he asked all of the dream questions that a missionary wants. He told us he knew that our life was eternal. He also asked, but what is the purpose of life?? And he also knew that there had to be something else because there was ancient life in the Americas also – the book of Mormon. We about fainted and taught him an amazing lesson. He was so excited to learn. Pray that he will read and pray to know it is true. We also found a family just knocking doors who had mormon friends who gave them a Book of Mormon and just that seed helped us set an appointment. The dad kept saying, you Mormons are good people, you know that? We were a little flabbergasted because all of the others were slamming doors in our faces. But the work goes on and I am grateful for my time here.

Love you more!
Hna Kjar


September 21, 2009

The Church is true and the book is blue. I love this church with all my heart and I love seeing peoples lives change. This week we were able to baptize Hector. Hector is 67 and stopped smoking, drinking, and lost a lot of weight. He looks so good and now he wears a shirt and tie to church. The change in his countenance alone is amazing. The baptism on Saturday was really good and Hna Lopez and I sang a song together. The talks were really good and hector loved it. Yesterday in our Sunday school class he bore his testimony of the change he feels. Yesterday he was also confirmed and he was so ready and excited. He will be a firm member and we need all we can get here. Jessica finally got confirmed!!!! She is doing so well now because we had a lesson with her and my companion laid down the line!! She told her that riches is not what her children need. If they live in a shack eating polenta everyday but have the gospel and are a happy family, that is better than having all the riches of the world. So Jessica kicked Antonio out of the house for good and was confirmed, she also brought all of her children to church.

Yesterday was the farewell of Hna Lopez, she has been in pompeya for 4 months and has changed this ward. There was many tears with all of the members and we both gave talks in church and sang. She has done wonders in this ward and I hope I can continue her legacy with my new companion.

I got so lucky. The companion that Hna Lopez was hoping that I would get -- I got!!! Her name is Hermana Fierro and she is from Chile. She is really happy and a little harder to understand because of her accent. But she works like Hna Lopez and is obedient so I couldn´t ask for more. I need more practice with my Spanish also. It was a little hard to say goodbye to my madre- hna Lopez but she is going to open a new area with a mini missionary. Today we played ultimate frisbee on the beach with the Elders and my companion actually likes sports and running and eating healthy so it will be great!! I feel so blessed to have had the best sisters in the mission especially in the begginning because it will help me set my standard and learn to work hard.
One thing I have realized that many people come and go and things are always changing in the mission, which is really different for me because I have lived in Centerville all my life and lived in college with my best friend. But the mission is a growing experience because the only person that is always with my is the Lord. He is my companion always and this relationship that is growing between me and the Lord is going to bless me for the rest of my life no matter what happens.

How is Grandma Smoot? Danner good luck with your baptism this week, please write me and tell me all about it.

I am so freakin jeleous that you are going to Palmyra, that has been my dream for a while. Dad will you take me there after my mission? I also would like to return home and then come back to my mission together. So let me know what you think.

Love you more,
Hermana Kjar

Spring is here!

September 14, 2009

Sorry my email didn´t work last week. I am doing great and loving life. Everyday is a new adventure. . . that is for sure. We meet some pretty interesting people and also some amazing people that put me in awe. The adventures of the mission are adventures that I will never experience again. And you know me. . . I love adventures and trying new things!!
I was sad to hear about Grandma Smoot but I hope everything is going ok. Whatever happens I know the Lord is in charge of that women´s life. She has been a light to many and hope that she can get well soon.

Dad thanks for the BYU football update, that is amazing! I wish the best for my cougs. At least we know we have the Lord on our side, right?? Ha ha

Well this week was really good, the weather has been amazing. I love Spring. With the Stamenz family, the 2 girls were supposed to be baptized yesterday but the mom wants them to investigate the church longer. It is so amazing to see how some children are so sensitive to the spirit and what god wants. I know now why the Lord tells us to become like children. Esperanza, age 10, told us that she has been praying to know if this is the true church. Before this she had been going to other churches to investigate and she loves to read. She had a dream God told her that this was the only true church of God. So she knows without a doubt that this is the church for her. I love teaching children the gospel because they soak everything up, and it is always more exciting.

On Saturday we have 2 baptisms with Hector and Juan Ignacio. Hector is an older man who just stopped smoking and has been attending church for over a month. He remembers everything that is said in every meeting and reads the Bof M every night. Juan is a 9 year old boy. His mom, claudia, has been a member for 30 years but also inactive for 30 years. We reinactivated her and Juan has been coming to church. He wants to be baptized.

This week was really great because we achieved our of our goals that were set really high. There is a new rule with our new President that we can´t count someone as a new investigator unless we enter into their house and teach them a lesson. That is really hard to do around here because no one can trust anyone. But this week we set our goal for 10 new investigators and we did it! The assistants to the presidents called us to congratulate us because it is really unheard of. This is probably my last week with Hna Lopez and I am praying that my next companion will like to work and is Latino. I need to improve my spanish still and I know it will be a hard change to a new companion.

Last night we had a FHE with the Bishops family and we made fruit pizza with the sugar cookie mixes that mom sent with Mattias. They thought it was the best thing ever! It was so fun and we love there family so much. Thanks mom for that!!

I am reading the Bible a lot lately and I have absolutely fallin in love with the New Testament. I am in Matthew and everytime I read I can´t get enough. The scriptures are so amazing and Christ is the ultimate example of love.
This mission is the best thing ever and I am enjoying my self so much.

Love you more!
Hermana Kjar

Mom, can you send me pictures that we took at Thanksgiving at the cabin with the fam and with Danner? Also I need the wedding date of Katie.

I am so glad to hear Lindsey is in Gracie´s class! Give her a huge hug for me and tell her I love her. I am sad I missed her wedding. I also was looking through a missionary book that a member family has of letters and pictures from missionaries and guess who I found?? Ryan Arrington. What a small world huh? The Savoia family in Pompeya. Lacol sent me a picture of Ben and your children, holy crap!! Your children are getting old! Ashton is huge and also the Baby is grande!! How fun, I hope your anniversary was so fun. Can you believe it has been 8 years! Wow, you two are such great examples.

I am so happy to hear about your baptism with your missionary investigator! Good luck with that! Make sure you check up on him throughout the week because I have found when the date is set Satan starts working really hard. You need to stop by just to check up on him. That is such awesome preparation for you mission. Congrats bud! I want to hear about your officer duties and the start of your senior year. When is Homecoming? Who are you going with? I love you so much and always think about you and love to tell everyone about my best friend Danner. Love you bud, cuidese.

I love you to bits and am always thinking about you? How is Kalia and Tyler? How is your life and Send Out cards?

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mucho amor de su Hermana Kjar

August 31, 2009

Como anda familia? Mom, thanks for your email. Yes I do read my patriarchal blessings often because I am hoping that those blessings will someday appear. Haha, I guess I need to seek them. I got your package today from Matias and he said that I have the most beautiful family... and I agree!!

THank you so much for everything, we are going to make cookies and fruit pizza with the cookie mixes. My companion almost died when I gave her the shirt. SHe told me she is going to kiss my mom and thousand times if she ever meets you, I told her I would do the same if I could see my mom and dad and family.

THe weather has been amazing this week. I want it to stay like this and not get any hotter. It is spring and all the trees are blooming. THis morning was amazing, we were able to walk to the beach, which is only 5 blocks from our house and run along the beach. Well, I did while my companion watched..hehe. It is sofunny we are such opposites in so many ways, but it all works out. She doesn't like sports, is majoring in chemistry, is dramatic, and has a short temper.It just makes me laugh sometimes. Anyways, I ran along the beach in perfect weather and watched the sun rise.

This week we found some really good investigators that are moving along. One lady is named Sylvia and her boyfriend is a member. She told us she is a strong catholic and she was confused with the feeling she felt in our church and in our discussions. She described it as an urge to start crying, but we all know what she is feeling. She is really sweet. WE are also teaching a cute old man, ps, the old men here are even cuter than in the US and there are more of them!! He will probably be baptized on the 13th. Also we found a family!!!! THe mom and her 4 children are really interested but it won't be an easy road. I love teaching families though. It is so powerful when they can read and pray together. Jessica has yet to be confirmed but she said Atonio has been better this week. We have had interesting things happening in our ward. Many people are being offended, and sometimes it is really frustrating especially when we bring investigators. But we have already seen a change since we came to the ward. WE have lunch planned with members this whole week, and that is unheard of for Pompeya!!

Last night we had an interesting experience. We went to go visit an older member who is alone and was feeling sick. She didn't look to good and we felt we needed to take her to get checked. SHe didn't want to but we took her anyway. After 3 hours of testing and waiting we found out she has a bad case of pnemonia and has to stay in the hospital for a while. People can only visit her if they are wearing masks and she is on oxygen 24-7. So today we were also running around doing all the paper work for her medical stuff and we are exhausted. But really she has nobody!!!! I don't know what she did before she was a member. It is amazing the support this church provides. Her name is Amelia and she loves her dogs. Everyone has dogs here and love them more than there kids sometimes. THe first thing she said when they told her she was sick and had to stay in the hospital was: Mis perros!! she was so worried about her dogs, wow!!

The work is moving along and everyday I am more grateful for your support and the way I have been raised.

Love you lots, cuidense
Hermana Kjar


August 24, 2009

Familia, gracias for all of your support. I got letters from a lot of you and feel very blessed to hear that you are all doing well. I am glad to hear that you enjoyed your time with Mattias. He is awesome and I am surprised he said that my Spanish is good because their family saw my lack of knowledge from the very begginning. haha.

WEll this week I have realized that the mission is a roller coaster of emotions, seriously!! My companion was sick this week, so for 2 days we were in the house. I decided to make a really big Book of Mormon to use to contact people in the plaza. So I did and it turned out really well. On Thursday we had all of our District in our area working. WE had one elder wear the book of mormon and the rest of us gave out Bofm in the plaza. It was really fun and different, me and my companion are trying to find different ways of contacting people because knocking doors isn´t working very well and the members are really struggling right now. Then on Saturday we finally got a hold of Jessica and had a lesson with her. We cried together because she has suffered so much and Atonio is very abusive. We kind of suspected when we called us really mad last sunday that something was going on and Jessica wasn´t safe. BUt there is not much we can do. SHe is trying to find a house to move out but she is scared and I don´t know if she has the guts to make the move. She told us is wasn´t important that she was being beaten because she has been her whole life. She feels like it is her fault. BUt we tried to get into her head that she is daughter of God and deserves more. Also, that after much tribulation comes the blessings. SHe has so much faith and has no family or parents to protect her. She told us that she wants so badly to have a mother to tell her she loves her and to hug her. It just breaks my heart and I realize that my life is so easy. But she told us that she was going to show up for sacrament and be confirmed, but that didn´t happen and we don´t know what´s up. So please continue praying for her.

Right after out appointment with her Fabiana and Omar called us to tell us that they werent´coming to church and they didn´t want to continue learning more. We were shocked because they are so close to quiting smoking and had so much faith the day before. BUt Omar said he prayed again and felt a bad feeling. We told them it was ok,, that everyone has their own time. THey haven´t closed the door though. They still want us to visit and they are still praying.

Pompeya is doing fine, we have really been working hard with our relationship with the members. My companion is great and is teaching me a lot. I love it here and have made some incredible friends.

WE have been running in the mornings and working on our exercises, my body is starting to get tired, I need to exercise. BUt I am fine and healthy.

Did you get my package from Ali and Lincoln? THank you for your package you sent with Mattias, I can´t wait. Who do I have for Christmas? And Mom and Dad what year were you married?

Muchos besos y abrazos, Te amo muchissimo!!

Hermana Kjar

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Spring is Here!

¿Como andan familia? This week has been good and the weather is perfect. I love the spring weather and I don´t want it to get any hotter. jaja, I am going to die this summer!!

As far as my investigators go, Fabiana and Omar, the hippie couple are doing well and we started goals with them to stop smoking. They love it when we come over and always have something for us to eat. ONe thing about Argentine families, every time you enter their house they ask you if you want something to drink and usual pull out cookies or crackers or something to eat. This week we were at a lady´s house and she really has nothing. She gave money to here daughter to go buy us some cookies so we could have something to eat, I know that they don´t have money and it is hard to accept there service sometimes. After talking to this lady for about an hour about our church, she told us she new sister missionaries once, and then she pulled out a picture of her BAPTISM!! We were shocked that she was baptized, but she never went back to the church after. We had a good laugh over that one. Also, one other funny story, that I am sure I will be known throughout the mission for. We were tracting with another Hermana from Argentina, so there were three of us. We knocked a door and a large man answered the door. We explained who we are and then in he said in a stern voice, "Son Yankees?" which is a rude way of saying are you North Americans? My first reaction was to shake my head no, because I was scared. Haha, then my companion said, well I´m not and she isn´t, pointing to the other Hermana, but she is, and pointed to me! During this time I was in the process of shaking my head no, haha, I was caught!! I don´t know what I was thinking. THe man then said, well then girls, no thank you. Then he slammed the door. We practically peed our skirts right outside his door because we couldn´t believe what had just happened.

Things with Jessica have been really hard this week. Things in her life this week have been falling apart but we had a good lesson with her on Saturday to get her ready for her Confirmation on Sunday. When we went to go pick her up her X answered the door and told us she will not be coming today. We called her phone later to see if she was ok, he answered and chewed us out. Telling us that we are ruining his life and that we don´t need to call ever again. So we are praying really hard in what we need to do with this situation. I just hope that Jessica and her children are ok.

This morning the Etchebest family called me to tell me that Mattias had a really good visit with my family last night. I am glad to hear it. Isn´t he awesome? I just love their family. Yesterday after lunch at there house the Bishop pulled out his guitar and we sung hymns and Folklore tunes of Latin America. He is amazing and has been in many bands. He always wants me to sing for him. But i love it. THey are like family to me. Yesterday I felt like I was at home.

One word of news, they have stopped all Pouch mail to all missions. So you will not be able to send mail through Salt Lake to me. Please use the address that you use for my packages with a 98 cent stamp. THanks!

Mom and Dad, Happy anniversary this week! I am so grateful especially right now for the covenants you made it the temple many years ago. I love bearing testimony everyday that I know my family will be together again.

Hope your day is the best! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO, I love you more!
Hermana Kjar

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Opposition In All Things

¿Como andan familia y amigos? This week has been good but I can tell you that Satan really does not want these Saints to be baptized. Everything with Jessica has gone wrong. She wasn´t smoking until the day before her baptism and so we had to move her baptism to next Saturday. She needed to come to church in order to get baptized, but Atonio, her X, wouldn´t allow it! All of her family is now against her, exept her children. WE have been trying to express that this is all Satan. We have been talking a lot about Jose Smith and his challenges and we also watched Legacy. She loves hearing the history of the church. She really does want to be baptized but Satan is working so hard against her. Everytime we have a baptism or someone who has a date, everything in their live is turned upside down. But hopefully in the next couple of weeks she will be baptized for real.

Good news, we have found a couple that is progressing rapidly. There names are Omar and Fabiana. They are kind of hippies that make stuff out of rabbit fur and sell it. They are so funny and they love having us over. But they need to get married and stop smoking. I hope everything works out for them. THey came to church yesterday and everyone was really accepting of them. We are working on building relationships with the ward right now. That is a problem in our ward, we aren´t united and no one really wants to help us or feed us. We taught a lesson on Sunday about Missionary work and told them that they are our only family that we have and they need to help us out. We had more people come make appointments with us. Hopefully it will work out. This Sunday is transfers and I think me and my companion will remain together, but who knows. Family, I am excited to here the good news of everybody. So do I understand correctly, Luke and Becca are expecting also????????? If so, Congratu -freakin-lations!!!! (that one was for you Lukie) That is so exciting. Well I am glad my service as a missionary has helped my brothers out in their endevors for a family. When me and Danner are both out, we will be popping em out of everywhere! Maybe Mom??? haha, jk, that is really way incredible though. I have been thinking about Katie a lot, and I am glad to here that they are doing better. Mom and Dad, congrats on your bike riding, I could tell you have lost some weight in the pics that Kevin sent me. That will help you out immensely!! The reunion looked so fun, looks like you have everyone there!! What a blessing.

Mom the son of my bishop is in Utah and is going to visit the Edgeley´s sometime in the next week, his name is Mattias and I see him a lot. I think he is planning on stopping by to visit my family. So keep an eye out. If you can send with him, a packet of mix for chocolate chip cookies, syrup, and a shirt that says BYU on it, my companion wants one. Look in the black bag in my closet for one, also look for my black jacket in there, it has red interior. THank you so much for everything, I am so grateful for your support, I can´t wait for my package. I still haven´t gotten your first package. Did you send one? Oh and could you tell me who I have for Christmas? I have ideas and I want to start now. Also mom, I need you to check on my bank account. I think I need money. I lost my mission card, so I have had to use some of my own money for now.The Lord is becoming my best friend and I love helping others find Christ and the Lord. My favorite thing is bearing my testimony everyday and it doesn´t matter that most of the people don´t want to talk to us.

Love you so much!!!

Hermana Kjar

Monday, July 27, 2009

Mi Primero Bautismo

Que tal Familia? I am so happy to hear that everything went well and no one got hurt at the reunion. I was praying really hard and hoping Greg O. wouldn´t break anything on the water weenie again. I was right there with you on the day that Grandpa died. I really feel his help here in the mission. I am his only missionary right now and I know he is proud of me and watching over me. I am so glad to hear that Alli and Lincoln are visiting. Can you give me the exact dates? Mom as far as a package goes- me and my companion would like CTR rings in English, both size 10. Send some pictures of the church, probably half page size. They don´t have pictures here. Maybe CHrist pictures or Prophet. Also send some candy like- Starbursts and Small Reeses cups. My comp would love anything from the US. ANything that you find that I could gift to the members too. A couple boxes of Mac and cheese. ONe more XD Fujifilm memory card for my camera. Thank you so much for everything. I haven´t gotten any of your letters yet hopefully today. I know today I will recieve your package. I am so excited to get see Lincoln and Alli, I will get permission from the Pres this week for them to visit me. Preferably between the hours of 1230 and 330. Ok well about my week. It has been really rewarding and good. The weather was absolutely horrible this week. Probably the worst in a long time. Many places got snow and that is really different. We had agua nieve, which is kind of rain mixed with snow. My companion wants it to snow so bad, this is her first Winter ever. WE HAD OUR FIRST BAPTISM! Janina, the girlfriend of the bishops Son got baptized really fast because they want to get married soon. So we taught her almost everyday and she was baptized on Sunday. It was actually really funny and many things went wrong. The baptismal font overfloaded into the women´s bathroom during Sacrament meeting and Janina almost didn´t get baptized because she has a phobia of water and the water was pretty cold. the bishops wife basically pushed her into the font while she was saying, I don´t want to. I was on the verge of laughter but it was a really sensitive moment. She was really grateful afterward and she thanked us after. My companion and I sang her a song, Tu eres una hija de dios. It turned out well. I will send a package home with Lincoln and Alli with more Argentine treats and pictures. And we also have 2 other fechas or dates for baptism. WE had another miracle happen with Jessica. THe Lord is just guiding her by the hand to baptism. She has waited so long to find the truth and be happy. She felt really bad for her man, ANtonio because he was going to be all alone and she didn´t know how to tell him he wanted to move out. She was praying so hard for the Lord to help her because she couldn´t do it on her own. This week Antonio told her that he needed to move out because he could tell it would be better for her and for the kids. So he is still going to keep paying for the house but also find a different house for him. How incredible is that! So on Tuesday he will move out and she will rearrange the house for her and her kids. Antonio and Jessica have been sleeping in different rooms ever since she learned about the Law of Chastity. She wants so badly to change. So we set her baptismal date for August 8, but this week she called us and told us she doesn´t want to wait any longer so hopefully this Sunday she will be baptized. Our other baptism is a man studying Law, we have a date for him on August 8. After seeing people enter the waters of baptism it makes all of our sacrifices worth it. I really do love this work and am so glad to see our work pay off. The Lord has really blessed us.

Te amo mucho!

Hermana Kjar

Monday, July 20, 2009

Weeks fly by and Days seem so long . . .


First of All, HOLY FREAKIN PORQERIA! I almost starting screaming when I got Adam´s email about his new little Brooks or Ava. How incredible and stupendous! I am so happy for both of you! I can´t wait to see this beautiful baby! Felicitaciones!

This week has gone by so fast! Wow I feel like I just wrote you. But I do have some good news. We had church meetings this week, but we couldn´t shake hands or even give besos. Do you know how hard that is for Argentine people? A lot of them just went in for the kiss anyways. They don´t care. JAJAJAJAJ, JIJIJIJIJI: that is one of my favorite things in Spanish. When they write Ha ha and he he they use different letters, like jaja and jiji. When I saw that in my comps email I started laughing so hard. But we all laugh and smile in the same language. ONe thing about Argentine humor, I don´t know the language well enough to get their jokes. So it is kind of humorous trying to guess when I am supposed to laugh or frown. Usually I just do everything that my comp does. OH I love life!

This week we have had a little bit more success with the investigators. I think we knocked about 1,568 doors and walked about 79 miles. But those are just approximations. Our investigator Jessica opened up to us one night and gave us her life story. I only understood like half of it, my companion explained it to me. Jessica has had a rough life. From the age of 14 she has been forced to be a prostitute because she is really pretty and her mom and dad made her when she was younger because she needed money for her family. She has three children and she doesn´t even know who the fathers are. Her lover that she has been living with for 13 years is a jerk and hooked on porn. 4 years ago he made her go back to being a prostitute because they needed money for their kids. She just cried and cried because she knows this is true and she wants so bad to feel clean. She wants so bad to seperate from him but she is afraid she will have no one because her family isn´t around and she has no good friends. SHe calls us her angels. I love her so much. She smokes 3 cigarettes a day and so on Tuesday we made her a goal schedule and a pack of ´cigarillos de fe´ or Faith cigarettes. Yesterday was her first day of smoking 0 cigarettes. We call her every night at 9:30 to see how her smoking went. SHe also loves to talk to me because she is trying so hard to learn English. She keeps saying, ´Vamos a Utah´she wants so bad to come to Utah with me. On Tuesday the Bishop also gave her a blessing of strength and comfort so she will be able to make decisions to seperate. A couple of days later she found out she can graduate in August instead of December, so she can start working as a nurse in August. She knew this was a blessing from god so that she could seperate from him. She has so much faith and is so faithful in reading and praying everynight. I am praying that her husband will not be abusive when she tells him she wants to seperate. I hope that we will be able to baptize her the end of August.

I sang a solo and bore my testimony in Church on Sunday. It was good. NO one sings or plays the piano here, so they are so grateful for anything. I was funny to see there reaction because I just sang I stand all Amazed and the accompianist wasn´t even that good, but they thought it was amazing. It really brought the Spirit though, It was really fun!

THe language is coming, I understand probably about 60 percent now and I can talk more with the people. THe Lord is blessing me for my efforts. This area is a little harder than others because the people are a little harder, but we are searching everywhere.

We have 2 baptismal dates with a girlfriend and boyfriend of members. So we are working on getting them prepared. Adam thanks for what you said about loving the people. I have been thinking about that a lot lately. Becuase I really do feel a strong love for them but I can´t communicate with them the way that I want. But I need to work on that. THere are other ways I can show my love. It is true, the members are the key.

Good luck with the reunion! I think it is awesome that you will all be together the day grandpa died. Give everyone my love, I will be praying for you.

I love you so much! Besos y besos!

Hermana Kjar


Mar de Plata beach

Sharla and fellow sister missionaries

Sharla, Hermana Lopez (her trainer from Columbia) and two other sister missionaries on P-day

Asada aka Argentine BBQ

July 13, 2009

Hola Peeps,

Mom and Dad, thank you so much for your emails. I really enjoyed them. Mom I really did burst into tears when you said you wish you could reach through this email and rock me. I know that sounds weird, but I really need that right now. My mission President is the one in the picture with the map. The other one is my old mission pres. My pdays are on Monday. Sorry for the confusion, don´t worry about it. Mom I hope you birthday was great. We celebrated with cake and icecream. I will send you a pic of our celebration. I love you so much. That is incredible what happened with Dave and Mandy, what an incredible blessing. It all pays off in the end. Mom and Dad I am glad to hear of your new callings and the work you are doing at home. You are incredible saints in the church. You don´t find people like you in the church here in Argentina.

Here are some things I have learned in the past week and a half.

1. Argentina doesn´t celebrate the 4th of July, haha. But we had a BBQ with the Elders to celebrate.

2. My new pet peeves are cold toilet seats and Elders who get trunky and don´t do anything for the last 2 months of their mission.

3. People aren´t afraid to stare. I get a lot of stares and I really don´t think that I look that different but my companion assured me I do. I hope that is a good thing. I have had many people ask me if I am from Holland. I guess the Princess of Argentina married the Prince of Holland, and I look a lot like her. Or something like that.

4. Blood sausage is not that bad. I tried it thinking it was normal sausage and it wasn´t bad. But I couldn´t eat anymore after they told me what it really was. I am starting to experience true Argentine food. An asado here puts any American BBQ to shame.

5. The mission is way hard. This week has been the hardest week of my life, but I really have loved it and had some really incredible Spiritual experiences.

6. My favorite lesson to teach is the Plan of Salvation. Especially to those who have never heard of anything like it. Everytime I teach it I feel so excited for judgement and resurrection. I cannot wait to see my Savior again. I know that this is the path I am supposed to be on. I also love bearing testimony that my family will be eternal. That is a huge blessing to me, especially being away from them right now.

7. Complete families are way hard to find here. Everyone lives with there boyfriend or they are single women with children. The law of chastity is probalby the hardest thing for the people here.

8. In Pompeya, there are more dogs than people. Oh, I am growing a dislike for dogs now. It is so crazy, I don´t think I have been in a house without a dog. They are also laying all over the streets.

9. Argentines have really pretty green teeth, if they even have any. It makes it even harder when people don´t have teeth because then I really can´t understand them. It is really funny sometimes.

10. A scarf is a necessary thing to have in Argentina. It is so cold here right now, but Rexburg was a good prep for me. I am doing fine with the coldness. Well, I love you all and love to hear the good news from home. Our investigators have been struggling this week. We have two that really want to get baptized but they can´t becarse they can´t move out with their boyfriend. That get´s really frustrating. We really are working our tails off and hopefully this week we will see more success. Anybody have any creative ideas for contacting people or getting investigators? Please pray for my Spanish, I am really trying hard. I find I am a little more shy in Spanish, haha, I wonder why. Here are some scriptures that have really brought me comfort this week D & C 84:88, 6:35 The Lord is shaping me into what he wants me to be and bringing me to my lowest point so I will really turn my will over to his. It is not easy but like the quote says “I never said it would be easy, I only said it would be worth it.”

Cuidese, Te amo. Besos, besos.

Hermana Kjar

Monday, July 6, 2009

(Sharla and her Mission President)

Well, I just tried to send a long letter but it closed out all of the sudden. ARGGGG!! So I just want to let you know I am ok. I really do love being here, I will share more next week with more pictures. On friday, after our first real day of work I was really frusturated and alone. I didn´t say anything the whole day and I couldn´t understand anything they were saying. I felt so alone and was exhausted and couldn´t talk to anyone because I can´t express myself in Spanish. So I hopped in bed and offered a long prayer. I know the Lord is trying to humble me becuase I can still feel in my heart that I am focused on myself. I love my ward and our investigators are doing well. My companion is a great teacher and example. The gripe A is really big here. They just cancelled all of our church meetings for the next month!! So it is interesting to do missionary work with no meetings.

I found out you can write dear elders to me here. You can also email me. . . hint hint. Thank you so much for you support and love, I can really feel you prayers. Just know that I love you and I really do know the church is true.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Estoy Aca!!!

Hermana Kjar in front of the Buenos Aires Temple

Sharla with her trainer (from Columbia) Hermana Lopez who doesn't speak a lick of English . . .

July 3, 2009


Wow I don´t even know where to start. First of all, I feel so freakin blessed right now. I got put into the best area with the hardest working companion in the whole mission. Her name is Hermana Lopez, and guess what. . . she doesn´t speak English. Let´s just say my dictionary is my best friend. But I can see that is a huge blessing for me. We do a lot of hand actions and she has to find different ways of explaining things. But I can understand her Spanish really well. She is from Columbia and already has 24 baptisms with only 11 months in the field. Do you know how rare that is? she is number 3 on the baptism list out of all the missionaries in our mission. I guess our area is on fire, I think we have a baptism on sunday with Paula, please pray for her that she won´t smoke before then. THe "Gripe A" or swine flu thing is really big here now, so we might not even have sacrament meeting on Sunday.

I am about 7 hours from the mission home in Bahia Blanca in an area called Pompeya, right on the coast. The general area is Mar del Plata. It is so beautiful and this is probably the wealthiest area in the mission. I absolutely love the people and culture here. Yes everyone stares at me, even when I stare back. BUt it´s all good. I love being a Yankee! That´s what they call us here. The food is simply amazing. I have had some awesome empanadas, alfajores, and candy. Our apartment is pretty ghetto "VILLA", and really cold at night. But it is fun. We just got into our area last night at 12.30. After traveling for 2 days we arrived in Buenos Aires and were taken to the temple, where we ate and went through a session. It was way small. but it is so beautiful. I did give a spanish book of mormon away on the plane to a couple that was sitting next to us. We were talking, in spanish, about Jesus and how we need him in our life. He is a Evangelical Pastor though, so I think he was just interested. But they really do believe and know Christ. I understood about 50% of what they were saying but I got by ok. After we went to the temple we ate some amazingpasta and took a small airplane to Bahia blanca. It was just me and 5 other elders. 4 from my district, and one othere native. When we arrived the old mission pres and the office elders were there waiting, they were so welcoming. We went to the mission office and had dinner together and got to know each other. A lot of them knew Elder Lawrence. Then after dinner they took me to stay with some Americana sisters that lived in the area. THey were really nice and we had fun. THe next morning I was taken back to the office to do some paper work and then about 11 the sisters picked me up and we went to lunch with a member family. It was so fun, but I couln´t understand anything this woman was saying. After Siesta, a 2-3 hour break in the apartment for studying, we went and knocked doors for about 5 hours. I tell you what we were in the ghetto of the ghettos, where the dirt roads are with the shacks. We usually have to stand outside there fence and clap until they open there window and tell us they are not interested. We did talk to about 5 people though, outside there door, and we gave them a pamphlet and challenged them to pray. MOst of them had Book of Mormon´s I was kind of surprised. THey call getting new investigators aggrigating here. It is kind of funny. But I love missionary work, and sometimes when I think of how much longer I have, and that I don´t know spanish very well I get overwhelmed. but I am just taking in one day at a time.

Here are some pictures of my companion and my Mission president. I really do love my President so much and am excited to get to know him better.

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPPORT! I love you all so so much.

Hermana Kjar

Friday, June 26, 2009

Ultimo dia de preparacion en el CCM!

Hola Familia! This week has been really rough and really good at the same time. There were a couple days where our Spirits were kind of down and we had no motivation. But Yesterday was incredible! These last couple of mornings we have sung for the mission presidents seminar. While we stand outside waiting to go sing, we see all the apostles walk into the meeting. I have seen Uchtdorf, Eyring, Scott, Perry, Anderson, Holland, and I also was able to say hi to Elder Robbins for a second. They absolutely love our singing! I am going to have to say I thing we sound pretty good myself. Our choir director said it is the best he has had in a long time. A lot of the mission Presidents have tears in their eyes after we sing. It is very powerful to have a group of full time missionaries singing praises to our Lord who we are giving our lives to. Mom, I am sending a tape with some good times and recordings of our choir. I hope you enjoy. Pictures will be coming soon with a small package I will send home probably MOnday morning. DId you get my package from Elder Robbins. I hope he picked it up at the front desk. I got your package. Thank you so much! I loved the pencil and warm leggings. The cookies were simply amazing and they will help me clear out my intestines, that is how healthy they are! Hopefully I will be able to call you around 1:30 on Monday at the airport. If I don't though, I'm sure I will find a time later in my travels. Just giving you a heads up! My flight takes off at 2:30.

A couple things that happened this week. Hma Morley and I got new mattresses in our rooms. But we also have 4 vacant beds in our room and we were instructed to take they down 2 flights of stairs. We aren't no dummies, so we took advantage of the opportunity. Tile stairs and old mattresses = some darn good fun! We rode the four mattresses down the 2 flights of stairs. It was so fun and we did it one at a time so it lasted. Don't worry we got pictures and videos. MOm and Dad, don't worry this was during our 30 minutes of free time before bed.

I was reading in Alma, my new favorite book, and these verses that I found really summarize why I am on a mission. Alma 29:6-10. Please read them they are amazing. It is sad to think that I will be parting from my companion soon. Luckily we are flying all the way to Buenos Aires together. Last night we did our last lesson in Spanish at the TE. We taught a new convert that really didn't understand the Atonement. When he said that we got excited because we love teaching the Atonement. At the end he was really impressed and me and Hma Morley walked out now knowing what we just said because we felt so guided by the Spirit. He asked us after we were done, did you bring your investigator closer to Christ? We said, yes I think so. He slapped the table and said, "you better say yes!" That feeling is none like any other. And we didn't even teach a real investigator! We really made him want to change and use the Atonement in his life. I also did my first call in the RC in Spanish. This Mexican woman who was a new member answered and it was kind of scary because she was talking so fast I couldn't understand some stuff. But I was able to share a scripture and bear my testimony.

Yo se que el Evangelio es Verdadero! La Expiacion es la unica manera a regresar a Dios con nuestros familias! I love you so much, please pray for me as I make this journey to ARgentina! YOu are always in my prayers. Te amo mucho mucho mucho!

Hermana Kjar

Le Semana Mejor

June 12, 2009

Well fam,

I have alot to tell you. And first of all I just want to say a couple of words. I got dad's letter about Girls Camp, I am so sorry it was so hard. Mom and Dad, you are so patient and faithful. I am sure that was really frusturating. I was praying for you, I hope it all turns out. Dad's right, there will be something good that comes out of it. Dad did you get my email about the books last week? Mom I got your LARGE package. You are so awesome, aka!!! Thank you so much. I hope you didn't think I didn't like the last clothes you sent. I really did love them. I will send back the ones that don't work with the Robbins, do you know what day they are coming? Is Mary coming? Thank you so much for taking all that time for me, I love new things. I loved the stationary also. I also got my brown shoes and slips. I really like my shoes, they are just great and really comfortable. The slips will work great also. I am trying to get a tape together with some recordings of us singing and some Spanish. Did you get the list of things that I need that was included in Danner's letter? Did you look in my car for my black jacket? Look in my drawer for the pen that mary sent me. Was Katie ever able to send out thank you letters for me? Also, an Elder in my district really wants Kimball Kjar's address, he was his coach. And I need my Argentina addresses sent to me ASAP. Thank you. How is Katie, Luke, and Adam doing? I haven't heard from them in a while?

Mandy, please repost my Argentina addresses again. I think that was one of the first posts right before my mission. OH and I got the pictures of your perfect Bennett. I almost cried, really. He is the most adorable thing I have ever seen. I love the picture with the girls holding him and also with Ashton. How is Ashton dealing with it? I'll bet the girls love it. I will be sending something for Emma's birthday before I leave.

Jarrett sent me a straight up ball in the mail. Like the bouncy ones in the big cages at walmart. It wasn't in a box or anything just the ball with my address and a letter written all over it. I laughed so hard! Isn't that so clever? He is so creative.

Now on to the news of the week. Alot has happened this week. On Monday my companions Grandpa died, so that was a little hard. But he was 95 so it wasn't a huge shock. I also found out from mom that Jamon Davies died, I hope Taylor and Jordan are ok. Taylor left the MTC a couple of weeks ago. He is one of the happies people I know, just like his mom. THat was sad to hear though. On Tuesday I was chosen to be in a small MTC choir of 36 people to sing at the Mission Presidents conferences. I feel so lucky to have this opportunity. We practice everyday for an hour and then starting Thursday we will be performing in meetings every morning. These meetings will have many of the 12 apostles in them and on Sunday we will be singing in a Sacrament meeting with President Monson. I can't believe I get to do this right before I leave. I am also expecting some really good firesides this week too, since we will have a lot of the big wigs around here. Our choir sounds so good and I love the director. Hopefully I will meet my new mission President soon. Also on Thursday we got our flight plans. We fly through Dallas Forthworth then on to Buenos Aires. I think we are taking a bus to Bahia Blanca from there. Luckily my companion along with 5 other elders will be with me until Buenos Aires and then 4 Elders go with me to my mission. I love my Elders so much and I am so excited to see them grow this next 16 months.

On Tuesday I signed a Declaracion de Independencia from the English language. So my companion and I have been speaking Spanish pretty much 24-7. It is really funny sometimes because we can understand each other but we don't really know if it is actually correct Spanish. I am getting really excited to leave.

This morning I did initiatories again and I was so touched. The ladies that were there were so tender. They were all so emotional and sincere as they were performing the ordinances and it made it so good. They told me over and over that they were so grateful I came in. I felt so good this morning. I really need those blessings of good health while serving the Lord. I was teaching the Palabra de Sabaduria (W of W) this week and it all came full circle in my head. I know why I keep the word of wisdom, it is because my body needs to be healthy so I can serve the Lord for all of my life. Mom and Dad, I really want you to serve a mission. How is your health? I know it might be better to stay home and serve a missiona in the ward, but pray about it. In the firesides they talk to the older missionaries a lot. One thing they said was that as Saints we should expect to serve many missions. It is something that is required of us especially living in this time. I have met some missionaries here on their 7th mission! How awesome!

I love missionary work and am excited to get in the field but I know I will struggle with the language. Prayer for a good trainer! I love this gospel and am trying hard to keep focused. 2 people in my district leave on Thursday so we will be saying goodbye to some of them this week. It will be a sad day! Elder Beardall got surgery on his knee and has to stay 6 more weeks here at the MTC. Poor guy! Elder Brown is out of Quarantine and is doing fine. I prayer I will stay healthy. Thank you for your support! I love you so much! Y se que Dios quiere que nosotros regresemos con El con nuestros familia! Nuestra Familia puede ser Eterna!

Hermana Kjar

I Love You More

June 12, 2009


This week has been really good. I have grown a lot in my Spanish and spiritually. The best part of the whole week was devotional. Right before it started I said, wouldn't it be cool if it was Elder Bednar, I love him. Then two minutes later Elder Bednar walks in with his wife. I about peed my pants. I absolutely ate up every word he uttered. It was incredible. So he talked about the question he is always asked everywhere he goes. How do I know if I am being prompted by the Spirit or just me? He gave us the short answer then shared 3 incredible stories illustrated this in his own life. This was his answer: "Quit worrying about it! Be a good boy, be a good girl, keep you covenants, keep the commandments and walk steadfast with faith and he will guide your footsteps. Don't worry about if it is the Holy Ghost or not, every good thing cometh from God and he trusts us." He explained that there are few answers to prayers that come in a large way. The HOly ghost is quiet and subtle. It was incredible. I also love the part when apostles bear their testimonies. He said Iam a WITNESS of Jesus Christ and I know and WITNESS that he guides and directs this church. My testimony was so strengthened that night. I have a new appreciation for prophets and apostles. They speak with such power and authority.

Well this week two of my roommates left, and it was good to see how excited they are! It makes me excited, I think we will get our flight plans tomorrow. . . maybe! I can't believe I am this far. We also got 4 new sisters in our Zone. They are all so adorable. Sister Morley and I are the only other sisters so she is the RS coordinating sister and I am the music coordinator for our Zone. We had fun welcoming the sisters and getting to know them. I am trying out with another girl to sing a duet in a devotional or something so pray for me, I will do it on Thursday. I am also singing a solo in my ward on Sunday. This week we have had so much fun. We know each other so well we just love to laugh together. Our District is interesting, there are some Elders that are dragging us down a little bit. I think Pres Shelley thinks we are the trouble district sometimes. But I love them all and have learned a lot. Pray for us!

Mom thank you so much for the package. I really loved some of the things, I am glad to hear I will see Jan Robbins, that is so exciting! Where do I pick up my shoes? Hermana Morley would love that wood puzzle. So I need some pictures of Bennett! Hope your Father's day is great! I love you all.

Hermana Kjar

Piggie Flu Alert!

June 5, 2009

Well Familia,

The piggie flu is live and well at the MTC! Ha ha, it is kind of ridiculous what has been going on lately. It has been an interesting week. We had missionaries who were quarantined in there bedroom for days just because they had a fever. The district in our zone was supposed to leave next week and they told them they wouldn't leave for another week, but yesterday they informed them they are leaving next week actually. So I guess things are getting better. But I know missionaries who will be here for 11 weeks to learn Spanish because of the flu scare. You see people walking around with medical masks on, it is really funny. My district got them just to be cool and weird. They parents of the new missionaries this week had to drop them off at the curb, but I think that will remain a permanent thing. We will see. I didn't see anyone I knew at the temple today. . whew!! I am glad Brett called you mom. We taught our first lessons in Spanish this week. We have taught the first lesson 4 times now. It is so hard and frustrating sometimes. But I really love it and it makes me teach more simply. THere are definitely some long pauses sometimes. it is so funny, i automatically count and pray in spanish now. it is hard for me to do some things in english. anyway, mom i am so excited to get my package thank you so much. i really need a couple more skirts, one beige color, and anothere fun one. have you ordered those shoes yet?

it is so fun to hear about the new baby, i love that he has a lot of hair. i am glad to hear everything went well. so what is his name? i hope i get some pictures soon. congrats dave and mandy. can you believe you have 4 children already? you only have 9 years to pop out 6 more, you can do it.

i have sung in the devotional choir for the last 2 weeks, and i love it. especially because there are only like 30 girls and ton of guys. me and another girl i know are working on a musical number to try out to sing for large group meetings. i am so glad my companion plays the piano. when wednesday comes we will be the only sisters in our zone because the others are leaving. but we get new missionaries on wednesday so i hope we get more sisters so the weight won't be completely on us to be the guiding mothers for our whole zone.

dad, mom and danner, thank you so much for your letters. i absolutely loved them. thanksk for the addresses. i got letters from dan's mom and also denise with the addresses also. i think i just need elise's. danner i will be writing you today. i can't believe i only have three more sundays here. i absolutely love it here. i can tell i have gained a little weight, but all is well. mom i am taking my vitamins and flossing. i love you. did you ever find my black fleece jacket? did you look in my car? i love my district so much and we are so dang close. sorry this looks illiterate, my keyboard is having problems. sorry my letters are so boring. but just know i am doing well and that the lord is leading me along and humbling me.i really appreciate all of your support, i really feel loved.

con amor,
hermana kjar

Friday, May 29, 2009

MTC Hump Day

Querido Familia,

Te amo mucho! Today is officially my Hump day, I have been out for 1 month and only have one more month left! This week has been another busy one. We got rid of a district from our zone that we were really close to. They were so fun and hilarious. One of them, Elder Maxwell, has this one hair that grows randomly out of his forehead. He decided to grow it out in the MTC. They plucked this 4 in long hair the last day they were here, oh how funny! They presented this hair to me so I could make a bookmark with it. It will send pictures when the bookmark project is executed:) We recieved 8 new Elders this week in our Zone that are going to Mexico. All of them are pretty shy but we will get them to come out.

My district is actually doing really well. It is hard sometimes to see the growth when you are with them all day. But I look back and see how far we have come, it is a miracle. Elder Gerardi left last Friday, it has been a good thing for our district though. It was the right thing for him to do. So we have a threesome of elders now, only 9 in our district. I am so close to them. They are all so adorable to me and I love their little 19 year old quirks. Last night we were playing some music in our classroom and interpretive dancing. Oh I laughed so hard, Hermana Morley had some amazing modern moves while rolling around on the ground. I feel like I can totally be myself. I am going to miss the four that don't go to my mission.

We had a meeting with the Consol from Argentina yesterday. He has to meet us all before he signs our visas, so he flew in to have this meeting with us. I absolutely loved his accent and he answered a lot of questions we had about Argentina. One of the things that I liked he said was "There is a law, but it is very blurry. In America stopping at a stop light is mandatory. In Argentina it is just a suggestion." Ha ha, I am excited also for buses that don't stop, I can't wait to chase after this buses and hop in, all while being in a skirt! He also described how people are going to be very curious of why we Americans are in Argentina learning their language. That is what we want right? It made me really excited to fly away to Argentina.So this week Hermana Morley and I have been 2 days so far where we didn't speak hardly any English the whole day. It is so fun and we find it really humorous sometimes. I really love the Spanish language.

Crazy Random Story: This morning we did a sesssion at the temple. I walk into the waiting room chapel and guess who is sitting in the row in front of me? BRETT IPSON!! It was so surprising and crazy. He was with his brother Matt and his roommate. We couldn't really talk until after the session in the Celestial room, but it was good to see him. I promise we didn't plan anything and I hope he doesn't come every week because that would be a distraction. He was crying a little bit when I was talking to him about the impact of the mission and how it shapes us. I love talking to him about those kinds of things. But we had a good chat and he told me he would give you all a big hug for me!

This week we also taught the most amazing lesson to our investigator. The last 2 weeks in the TRC, where volunteers come to pretend to be investigators, we taught the same girl, her name is Merilyn. She is our age and is from Peru but speaks really good English. She has been thinking about a mission and so this week we decided to prepare a lesson for her and not a pretend person. She was surprised when we told her this but the lesson was killer. She was so touched and we had been prompted to prepare exactly what she needed. This last week she was praying and fasting for an answer. Through our lesson we helped her decide to go by sharing our experiences of how we decided to go. We were all crying and it is so good to have a real investigator for once. This is what this work is all about! If I had that much joy for helping her make that decision, I can't even imagine the joy of a baptism! I absolutely love the work of the Lord, I am trying so hard but sometimes I feel it isn't enough. I love the Lords university!

Mom and Dad, thank you so much for your letters of advice, it really helps. I will take anything I can get. How is the cabin, garage, financial situation, and ward? I would love to hear about it all. I will say that I am not jeleous I wasn't there to clean the blessed garage. But I think about you often. How is Katie? Mom I can't wait to get my package, you are the best. I did my cookie package, there was so many but again, my zone and district loved them.

THanks a million.
Hermana Kjar

Friday, May 22, 2009

Te Amo

Querido Familia,I just feel so grateful for you in my life right now and for the decisions I have decided to make thus far. This morning in the temple we did initiatories because we had a meeting at 9 for our paperwork on our visas. But I am so glad we did because I love initiatories. I felt today that God is proud of me and really knows how hard I am trying. Every time I do initiatories I feel so blessed to have a healthy body and I know that God is pouring down his blessings so abundantly and I don't deserve them most of the time. Sometimes I get frusturated because I feel like I could be doing better, there is always room for improvement. But I can't let my mind do that because it just slows me down. I need to be optimistic. An EFY song that I have fallen in love with goes like this:

I don't have the words his truth deserves
He says if I make a choice
He'll help me find my voice
He calls me to serve and I cannot fail him
The man who has given me all that I have
I put my trust in him alone
He knows the yearnings of my soul
Because he believes in me I will go willingly

I take great comfort in the words of that song. I am so grateful for him and for the gospel that we have on this earth. I love sharing with people that we do have a church on this earth today that can answer every single one of their questions. Do you konw how many people are looking for that kind of knowledge? We are so blessed to born into that great knowledge. Our district is doing ok, one boy will probably go home this week. It is kind of sad, but I think it will be good for our district to move on and become better. We are speaking a lot of Spanish. Our teachers have converted over to 100 percent Spanish and Hermana Morley and I are trying our hardest to speak as much as we can together. WE are on the same level, so it is really good. We taught the second lesson in English this week and it went really well. I love teaching if the Spirit is there. I love bearing testimony and telling my investigators that God really does love them and know who they are. I can't wait until I have real investigators!! Since being here we have had Elder Nelson, Elder Ballard, and Elder Neuenschwander at our Tuesday devotions. How lucky are we? I love it. Alos, we just watched the most amazing talk by Holland at the MTC. It is called "the miracle of a mission" from 2000. If you can get your hands on it, you would love it! Danner how was your big 18th birthday? What did you do? Ben Happy Birthday on Sunday and Gracie Happy Birthday next week! Mom did you get my package with the birthday presents in them? Mandy there is package coming for your family. I will be sending more pictures soon. I am doing well and loving every minute. Please pray for me to do my best and stay focused! Te amo, te amo, te amo! Dios quiere nuestros familia ser eterna! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

Hermana Kjar (also known as Hermana "Kjar package" by my district because I got a package everyday of last week, Ha ha, thanks for your support!)P.S. I saw the Taylor Davies yesterday! He just got here, it is good to see familiar faces. Adam Bavelas is so adorable and is growing up fast! He is Zone leader and so cute!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Que pasa calebaza?

Como le fue su semana? This week was definitely a good one. We had many amazing experiences as always. Hmmmm.. . I never know where to start in these emails.

Well my Hermana Morley and I set up a lot of appointments at the teaching evaluation center lately. It has been so good! I am surprised at the compliments we have been given by the teacher mentors. We have become a lot better at getting to know the person first, then teach through the Spirit according to their needs. And sometimes we might only cover 1 principle from the first discussion, but that is ok.

I have learned so so much about teaching lately. I have grown to love love love teaching. We teach really good together and we teach the same way, we are so much alike, it is so funny. A couple of really cool experiences we have had lately. . . we made a goal to contact 2 people a day, English or Spanish. We went to dinner and saw 2 construction workers eating together, they were a little rough looking but it looked like a great opportunity. So we approached them and started getting to know them. I asked if we could share our testimonies with them and one said, well I am an athiest but go ahead. The other younger man with earrings said they both grew up in the church but he became inactive a couple years ago at 18. So this was perfect! I was so happy when I found out they weren't members. So we bore our testimonies about how Christ loves us individually and he has a plan for us and wants us to be happy. If we pray to know the truth and if this church is really true he will answer us, I know this because he has answered my questions. I could tell the younger one was listening intently and we might have sparked something. But then we said thank you and left. Even though they didn't commit to anything it made me so happy and I wanting to go tracting and get some doors slammed in my face! It is crazy how it excites me! I just love telling people that my God really does know me because it strengthens my testimony and makes me feel so happy.

We have also been chatting online in the Referral Center with people to get on to chat at I have chatted with a few people who have had some questions. I love telling them that our church can answer ALL of the questions they have. And I don't have to doubt that, I know it! I am so grateful for that comfort of knowing that!

Thank you, thank you, thank you everyone for making my birthday so Fun! I got 4 packages and many letters from friends and family! Mom my district says that you take care of them more than their mom does. So you have been voted to be our district mom! We had so much fun with the cake and other goodies, it was a good day. My district made it their responsibility to scare me everytime I walked in the room so I had enough birthday scares, don't worry Danner! Tell mary I got her package and I am sending her a letter today! Stacey, Mandy, Katie, thank you so much for your wonderful packages too!

Our district is still working on exact obedience, so please pray for us. WE have had some Elders really struggling to know if they really want to be on a mission. I know I was meant to be in this District to provide support though. I love them so much and I see so much potential in all of them. They just need to put away childish things and become men.

Well, I am really trying to focus 110% of my thoughts and time to my mission. So I am trying to not think about things at home and college a lot. This is the only 18 months that I have with just me and the Lord and I want to make it the best. So I still want to hear from all of you, but I won't be writing a lot of letters. Please stay updated on my blog! Sorry but I really need to have total focus.

I love you all so much, your support means so much and I pray for you every night. I really do feel your prayers for me!

Love you more! God speed!
Hermana Kjar

Friday, May 8, 2009

Holy Canoly!

Hola mi familia y amigos! Como le va su dia? Sorry it has been awhile, today is finally my first P-day that I have to write letters. SOOO much has happened and I will try to get all of it in this short half hour I have to write. Here are some things I have grown to love this last week:

1. I have a 5th appendage now, it is called my missionary tag. It says Hermana Kjar, La Iglesia de Jesucristo de los santos de los ultimos dias. I think that it has become my favorite thing. I feel so naked when I am not wearing it. It will be like tearing off a limb when I have to take it off. I feel so honored to wear my best friends name right over my heart. I love having Christ close to my heart always.

2. I have grown to love mail. It makes my day when my District leader, Elder Beardall brings back a letter or package for me. I really now understand the love that my brothers and sisters had for mail while they were on their missions.

3. I love my companion Hermana Morley. She is going to Salta Argentina so I will miss her when we part. WE really are so much alike. We have the exact same temperment and we laugh at the same things. It is so fun! There are some days when we cry we are laughing so hard.

4. I love my gym time that I have everyday! We only have an hour but we have been outside everyday. Hermana Morley and I love to play soccer, softball, and especially sand volleyball. We whip the elders butts! Unfortunately we are not allowed to play football, so my football skills will be very poor when I get home.

5. I am learning to have Christ-like love for my Elders. We have 8 Elders in our district and 4 of them are going to my same mission. And of course, some of them are still 19 and it is very evident sometimes. But there are a couple that are so freakin hilarious, but that is also dangerous because sometimes it loses the Spirit. But they treat us so nicely and I feel like there mothers sometimes. One day we were leaving the room to study somewhere else. And they begged us to stay, they said "if you stay, we will be quiet we promise!" We thought that was so funny that they really wanted us to stay that badly! But I really love them. We know each other so well now, they even know my menstrual cycle now and know when to stay away! Jk, but they really did write it on their calendar! Oh Elders!

6. I love letters from my parents. I have only been able to write you that one short letter. But mom and dad, everytime you send me a letter to answer a prayer of mine and give me the advice that I really needed at that time. Dad I have been trying to find ways to get the Elders to stay on task, and your last letter helped me so much. YOu are right I need to treat them like the Elders I want them to become and then they will live up to that. I have tried and I think I see it working. Thanks mom and Dad! I did get your cinnamon rolls and cinco de mayo package and I absolutely was thrilled. WE had a little party as a District and they all wanted me to say thanks and they love you already! Tell the other siblings to write me!

7. I love love love the many hours I have set aside to study preach my gospel and the blessed scriptures. It has made me so much more humble and helps me keep the Spirit. This will never happen again in my life so I am taking advantage of all of it! Please read preach my gospel, everything you can think of is in there!

8. I love obedience. Everyone told me before I came to worry about being obedient and everything else will be fine. That is so true! WE have had so many talks on that. I know that if I am exactly obedient I have the right to call on the lords help because he is bound when we do what he says. And I know how great that is. I can always expect help when I am keeping my part!

I love you so much family! Mom happy mothers day, there is a card coming for you!

Mucho amor,
Hermana Kjar