Monday, July 6, 2009

(Sharla and her Mission President)

Well, I just tried to send a long letter but it closed out all of the sudden. ARGGGG!! So I just want to let you know I am ok. I really do love being here, I will share more next week with more pictures. On friday, after our first real day of work I was really frusturated and alone. I didn´t say anything the whole day and I couldn´t understand anything they were saying. I felt so alone and was exhausted and couldn´t talk to anyone because I can´t express myself in Spanish. So I hopped in bed and offered a long prayer. I know the Lord is trying to humble me becuase I can still feel in my heart that I am focused on myself. I love my ward and our investigators are doing well. My companion is a great teacher and example. The gripe A is really big here. They just cancelled all of our church meetings for the next month!! So it is interesting to do missionary work with no meetings.

I found out you can write dear elders to me here. You can also email me. . . hint hint. Thank you so much for you support and love, I can really feel you prayers. Just know that I love you and I really do know the church is true.

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Haley + Adam said...

SHAR!!!! Adam & I are so glad that Mandy is updating your blog with your emails/letters :) We need to be better at writing's GREAT to hear that you get "Dear Elder"s though!

We're glad you arrived in Bahia Blanca safe! And we know you're fit for the job...Adam knows that missionary work is one of the ways the Lord stretches us the most, yet it shows His love for us and his children like nothing else.

You're in the prayers of so many people that love're in every one of ours :) !WE LOVE YOU HERMANA KJAR!