Sunday, July 5, 2009

Estoy Aca!!!

Hermana Kjar in front of the Buenos Aires Temple

Sharla with her trainer (from Columbia) Hermana Lopez who doesn't speak a lick of English . . .

July 3, 2009


Wow I don´t even know where to start. First of all, I feel so freakin blessed right now. I got put into the best area with the hardest working companion in the whole mission. Her name is Hermana Lopez, and guess what. . . she doesn´t speak English. Let´s just say my dictionary is my best friend. But I can see that is a huge blessing for me. We do a lot of hand actions and she has to find different ways of explaining things. But I can understand her Spanish really well. She is from Columbia and already has 24 baptisms with only 11 months in the field. Do you know how rare that is? she is number 3 on the baptism list out of all the missionaries in our mission. I guess our area is on fire, I think we have a baptism on sunday with Paula, please pray for her that she won´t smoke before then. THe "Gripe A" or swine flu thing is really big here now, so we might not even have sacrament meeting on Sunday.

I am about 7 hours from the mission home in Bahia Blanca in an area called Pompeya, right on the coast. The general area is Mar del Plata. It is so beautiful and this is probably the wealthiest area in the mission. I absolutely love the people and culture here. Yes everyone stares at me, even when I stare back. BUt it´s all good. I love being a Yankee! That´s what they call us here. The food is simply amazing. I have had some awesome empanadas, alfajores, and candy. Our apartment is pretty ghetto "VILLA", and really cold at night. But it is fun. We just got into our area last night at 12.30. After traveling for 2 days we arrived in Buenos Aires and were taken to the temple, where we ate and went through a session. It was way small. but it is so beautiful. I did give a spanish book of mormon away on the plane to a couple that was sitting next to us. We were talking, in spanish, about Jesus and how we need him in our life. He is a Evangelical Pastor though, so I think he was just interested. But they really do believe and know Christ. I understood about 50% of what they were saying but I got by ok. After we went to the temple we ate some amazingpasta and took a small airplane to Bahia blanca. It was just me and 5 other elders. 4 from my district, and one othere native. When we arrived the old mission pres and the office elders were there waiting, they were so welcoming. We went to the mission office and had dinner together and got to know each other. A lot of them knew Elder Lawrence. Then after dinner they took me to stay with some Americana sisters that lived in the area. THey were really nice and we had fun. THe next morning I was taken back to the office to do some paper work and then about 11 the sisters picked me up and we went to lunch with a member family. It was so fun, but I couln´t understand anything this woman was saying. After Siesta, a 2-3 hour break in the apartment for studying, we went and knocked doors for about 5 hours. I tell you what we were in the ghetto of the ghettos, where the dirt roads are with the shacks. We usually have to stand outside there fence and clap until they open there window and tell us they are not interested. We did talk to about 5 people though, outside there door, and we gave them a pamphlet and challenged them to pray. MOst of them had Book of Mormon´s I was kind of surprised. THey call getting new investigators aggrigating here. It is kind of funny. But I love missionary work, and sometimes when I think of how much longer I have, and that I don´t know spanish very well I get overwhelmed. but I am just taking in one day at a time.

Here are some pictures of my companion and my Mission president. I really do love my President so much and am excited to get to know him better.

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPPORT! I love you all so so much.

Hermana Kjar

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