Friday, June 26, 2009

Ultimo dia de preparacion en el CCM!

Hola Familia! This week has been really rough and really good at the same time. There were a couple days where our Spirits were kind of down and we had no motivation. But Yesterday was incredible! These last couple of mornings we have sung for the mission presidents seminar. While we stand outside waiting to go sing, we see all the apostles walk into the meeting. I have seen Uchtdorf, Eyring, Scott, Perry, Anderson, Holland, and I also was able to say hi to Elder Robbins for a second. They absolutely love our singing! I am going to have to say I thing we sound pretty good myself. Our choir director said it is the best he has had in a long time. A lot of the mission Presidents have tears in their eyes after we sing. It is very powerful to have a group of full time missionaries singing praises to our Lord who we are giving our lives to. Mom, I am sending a tape with some good times and recordings of our choir. I hope you enjoy. Pictures will be coming soon with a small package I will send home probably MOnday morning. DId you get my package from Elder Robbins. I hope he picked it up at the front desk. I got your package. Thank you so much! I loved the pencil and warm leggings. The cookies were simply amazing and they will help me clear out my intestines, that is how healthy they are! Hopefully I will be able to call you around 1:30 on Monday at the airport. If I don't though, I'm sure I will find a time later in my travels. Just giving you a heads up! My flight takes off at 2:30.

A couple things that happened this week. Hma Morley and I got new mattresses in our rooms. But we also have 4 vacant beds in our room and we were instructed to take they down 2 flights of stairs. We aren't no dummies, so we took advantage of the opportunity. Tile stairs and old mattresses = some darn good fun! We rode the four mattresses down the 2 flights of stairs. It was so fun and we did it one at a time so it lasted. Don't worry we got pictures and videos. MOm and Dad, don't worry this was during our 30 minutes of free time before bed.

I was reading in Alma, my new favorite book, and these verses that I found really summarize why I am on a mission. Alma 29:6-10. Please read them they are amazing. It is sad to think that I will be parting from my companion soon. Luckily we are flying all the way to Buenos Aires together. Last night we did our last lesson in Spanish at the TE. We taught a new convert that really didn't understand the Atonement. When he said that we got excited because we love teaching the Atonement. At the end he was really impressed and me and Hma Morley walked out now knowing what we just said because we felt so guided by the Spirit. He asked us after we were done, did you bring your investigator closer to Christ? We said, yes I think so. He slapped the table and said, "you better say yes!" That feeling is none like any other. And we didn't even teach a real investigator! We really made him want to change and use the Atonement in his life. I also did my first call in the RC in Spanish. This Mexican woman who was a new member answered and it was kind of scary because she was talking so fast I couldn't understand some stuff. But I was able to share a scripture and bear my testimony.

Yo se que el Evangelio es Verdadero! La Expiacion es la unica manera a regresar a Dios con nuestros familias! I love you so much, please pray for me as I make this journey to ARgentina! YOu are always in my prayers. Te amo mucho mucho mucho!

Hermana Kjar

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