Friday, June 26, 2009

I Love You More

June 12, 2009


This week has been really good. I have grown a lot in my Spanish and spiritually. The best part of the whole week was devotional. Right before it started I said, wouldn't it be cool if it was Elder Bednar, I love him. Then two minutes later Elder Bednar walks in with his wife. I about peed my pants. I absolutely ate up every word he uttered. It was incredible. So he talked about the question he is always asked everywhere he goes. How do I know if I am being prompted by the Spirit or just me? He gave us the short answer then shared 3 incredible stories illustrated this in his own life. This was his answer: "Quit worrying about it! Be a good boy, be a good girl, keep you covenants, keep the commandments and walk steadfast with faith and he will guide your footsteps. Don't worry about if it is the Holy Ghost or not, every good thing cometh from God and he trusts us." He explained that there are few answers to prayers that come in a large way. The HOly ghost is quiet and subtle. It was incredible. I also love the part when apostles bear their testimonies. He said Iam a WITNESS of Jesus Christ and I know and WITNESS that he guides and directs this church. My testimony was so strengthened that night. I have a new appreciation for prophets and apostles. They speak with such power and authority.

Well this week two of my roommates left, and it was good to see how excited they are! It makes me excited, I think we will get our flight plans tomorrow. . . maybe! I can't believe I am this far. We also got 4 new sisters in our Zone. They are all so adorable. Sister Morley and I are the only other sisters so she is the RS coordinating sister and I am the music coordinator for our Zone. We had fun welcoming the sisters and getting to know them. I am trying out with another girl to sing a duet in a devotional or something so pray for me, I will do it on Thursday. I am also singing a solo in my ward on Sunday. This week we have had so much fun. We know each other so well we just love to laugh together. Our District is interesting, there are some Elders that are dragging us down a little bit. I think Pres Shelley thinks we are the trouble district sometimes. But I love them all and have learned a lot. Pray for us!

Mom thank you so much for the package. I really loved some of the things, I am glad to hear I will see Jan Robbins, that is so exciting! Where do I pick up my shoes? Hermana Morley would love that wood puzzle. So I need some pictures of Bennett! Hope your Father's day is great! I love you all.

Hermana Kjar

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