Friday, June 26, 2009

Le Semana Mejor

June 12, 2009

Well fam,

I have alot to tell you. And first of all I just want to say a couple of words. I got dad's letter about Girls Camp, I am so sorry it was so hard. Mom and Dad, you are so patient and faithful. I am sure that was really frusturating. I was praying for you, I hope it all turns out. Dad's right, there will be something good that comes out of it. Dad did you get my email about the books last week? Mom I got your LARGE package. You are so awesome, aka!!! Thank you so much. I hope you didn't think I didn't like the last clothes you sent. I really did love them. I will send back the ones that don't work with the Robbins, do you know what day they are coming? Is Mary coming? Thank you so much for taking all that time for me, I love new things. I loved the stationary also. I also got my brown shoes and slips. I really like my shoes, they are just great and really comfortable. The slips will work great also. I am trying to get a tape together with some recordings of us singing and some Spanish. Did you get the list of things that I need that was included in Danner's letter? Did you look in my car for my black jacket? Look in my drawer for the pen that mary sent me. Was Katie ever able to send out thank you letters for me? Also, an Elder in my district really wants Kimball Kjar's address, he was his coach. And I need my Argentina addresses sent to me ASAP. Thank you. How is Katie, Luke, and Adam doing? I haven't heard from them in a while?

Mandy, please repost my Argentina addresses again. I think that was one of the first posts right before my mission. OH and I got the pictures of your perfect Bennett. I almost cried, really. He is the most adorable thing I have ever seen. I love the picture with the girls holding him and also with Ashton. How is Ashton dealing with it? I'll bet the girls love it. I will be sending something for Emma's birthday before I leave.

Jarrett sent me a straight up ball in the mail. Like the bouncy ones in the big cages at walmart. It wasn't in a box or anything just the ball with my address and a letter written all over it. I laughed so hard! Isn't that so clever? He is so creative.

Now on to the news of the week. Alot has happened this week. On Monday my companions Grandpa died, so that was a little hard. But he was 95 so it wasn't a huge shock. I also found out from mom that Jamon Davies died, I hope Taylor and Jordan are ok. Taylor left the MTC a couple of weeks ago. He is one of the happies people I know, just like his mom. THat was sad to hear though. On Tuesday I was chosen to be in a small MTC choir of 36 people to sing at the Mission Presidents conferences. I feel so lucky to have this opportunity. We practice everyday for an hour and then starting Thursday we will be performing in meetings every morning. These meetings will have many of the 12 apostles in them and on Sunday we will be singing in a Sacrament meeting with President Monson. I can't believe I get to do this right before I leave. I am also expecting some really good firesides this week too, since we will have a lot of the big wigs around here. Our choir sounds so good and I love the director. Hopefully I will meet my new mission President soon. Also on Thursday we got our flight plans. We fly through Dallas Forthworth then on to Buenos Aires. I think we are taking a bus to Bahia Blanca from there. Luckily my companion along with 5 other elders will be with me until Buenos Aires and then 4 Elders go with me to my mission. I love my Elders so much and I am so excited to see them grow this next 16 months.

On Tuesday I signed a Declaracion de Independencia from the English language. So my companion and I have been speaking Spanish pretty much 24-7. It is really funny sometimes because we can understand each other but we don't really know if it is actually correct Spanish. I am getting really excited to leave.

This morning I did initiatories again and I was so touched. The ladies that were there were so tender. They were all so emotional and sincere as they were performing the ordinances and it made it so good. They told me over and over that they were so grateful I came in. I felt so good this morning. I really need those blessings of good health while serving the Lord. I was teaching the Palabra de Sabaduria (W of W) this week and it all came full circle in my head. I know why I keep the word of wisdom, it is because my body needs to be healthy so I can serve the Lord for all of my life. Mom and Dad, I really want you to serve a mission. How is your health? I know it might be better to stay home and serve a missiona in the ward, but pray about it. In the firesides they talk to the older missionaries a lot. One thing they said was that as Saints we should expect to serve many missions. It is something that is required of us especially living in this time. I have met some missionaries here on their 7th mission! How awesome!

I love missionary work and am excited to get in the field but I know I will struggle with the language. Prayer for a good trainer! I love this gospel and am trying hard to keep focused. 2 people in my district leave on Thursday so we will be saying goodbye to some of them this week. It will be a sad day! Elder Beardall got surgery on his knee and has to stay 6 more weeks here at the MTC. Poor guy! Elder Brown is out of Quarantine and is doing fine. I prayer I will stay healthy. Thank you for your support! I love you so much! Y se que Dios quiere que nosotros regresemos con El con nuestros familia! Nuestra Familia puede ser Eterna!

Hermana Kjar

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