Friday, June 26, 2009

Piggie Flu Alert!

June 5, 2009

Well Familia,

The piggie flu is live and well at the MTC! Ha ha, it is kind of ridiculous what has been going on lately. It has been an interesting week. We had missionaries who were quarantined in there bedroom for days just because they had a fever. The district in our zone was supposed to leave next week and they told them they wouldn't leave for another week, but yesterday they informed them they are leaving next week actually. So I guess things are getting better. But I know missionaries who will be here for 11 weeks to learn Spanish because of the flu scare. You see people walking around with medical masks on, it is really funny. My district got them just to be cool and weird. They parents of the new missionaries this week had to drop them off at the curb, but I think that will remain a permanent thing. We will see. I didn't see anyone I knew at the temple today. . whew!! I am glad Brett called you mom. We taught our first lessons in Spanish this week. We have taught the first lesson 4 times now. It is so hard and frustrating sometimes. But I really love it and it makes me teach more simply. THere are definitely some long pauses sometimes. it is so funny, i automatically count and pray in spanish now. it is hard for me to do some things in english. anyway, mom i am so excited to get my package thank you so much. i really need a couple more skirts, one beige color, and anothere fun one. have you ordered those shoes yet?

it is so fun to hear about the new baby, i love that he has a lot of hair. i am glad to hear everything went well. so what is his name? i hope i get some pictures soon. congrats dave and mandy. can you believe you have 4 children already? you only have 9 years to pop out 6 more, you can do it.

i have sung in the devotional choir for the last 2 weeks, and i love it. especially because there are only like 30 girls and ton of guys. me and another girl i know are working on a musical number to try out to sing for large group meetings. i am so glad my companion plays the piano. when wednesday comes we will be the only sisters in our zone because the others are leaving. but we get new missionaries on wednesday so i hope we get more sisters so the weight won't be completely on us to be the guiding mothers for our whole zone.

dad, mom and danner, thank you so much for your letters. i absolutely loved them. thanksk for the addresses. i got letters from dan's mom and also denise with the addresses also. i think i just need elise's. danner i will be writing you today. i can't believe i only have three more sundays here. i absolutely love it here. i can tell i have gained a little weight, but all is well. mom i am taking my vitamins and flossing. i love you. did you ever find my black fleece jacket? did you look in my car? i love my district so much and we are so dang close. sorry this looks illiterate, my keyboard is having problems. sorry my letters are so boring. but just know i am doing well and that the lord is leading me along and humbling me.i really appreciate all of your support, i really feel loved.

con amor,
hermana kjar

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