Monday, July 27, 2009

Mi Primero Bautismo

Que tal Familia? I am so happy to hear that everything went well and no one got hurt at the reunion. I was praying really hard and hoping Greg O. wouldn´t break anything on the water weenie again. I was right there with you on the day that Grandpa died. I really feel his help here in the mission. I am his only missionary right now and I know he is proud of me and watching over me. I am so glad to hear that Alli and Lincoln are visiting. Can you give me the exact dates? Mom as far as a package goes- me and my companion would like CTR rings in English, both size 10. Send some pictures of the church, probably half page size. They don´t have pictures here. Maybe CHrist pictures or Prophet. Also send some candy like- Starbursts and Small Reeses cups. My comp would love anything from the US. ANything that you find that I could gift to the members too. A couple boxes of Mac and cheese. ONe more XD Fujifilm memory card for my camera. Thank you so much for everything. I haven´t gotten any of your letters yet hopefully today. I know today I will recieve your package. I am so excited to get see Lincoln and Alli, I will get permission from the Pres this week for them to visit me. Preferably between the hours of 1230 and 330. Ok well about my week. It has been really rewarding and good. The weather was absolutely horrible this week. Probably the worst in a long time. Many places got snow and that is really different. We had agua nieve, which is kind of rain mixed with snow. My companion wants it to snow so bad, this is her first Winter ever. WE HAD OUR FIRST BAPTISM! Janina, the girlfriend of the bishops Son got baptized really fast because they want to get married soon. So we taught her almost everyday and she was baptized on Sunday. It was actually really funny and many things went wrong. The baptismal font overfloaded into the women´s bathroom during Sacrament meeting and Janina almost didn´t get baptized because she has a phobia of water and the water was pretty cold. the bishops wife basically pushed her into the font while she was saying, I don´t want to. I was on the verge of laughter but it was a really sensitive moment. She was really grateful afterward and she thanked us after. My companion and I sang her a song, Tu eres una hija de dios. It turned out well. I will send a package home with Lincoln and Alli with more Argentine treats and pictures. And we also have 2 other fechas or dates for baptism. WE had another miracle happen with Jessica. THe Lord is just guiding her by the hand to baptism. She has waited so long to find the truth and be happy. She felt really bad for her man, ANtonio because he was going to be all alone and she didn´t know how to tell him he wanted to move out. She was praying so hard for the Lord to help her because she couldn´t do it on her own. This week Antonio told her that he needed to move out because he could tell it would be better for her and for the kids. So he is still going to keep paying for the house but also find a different house for him. How incredible is that! So on Tuesday he will move out and she will rearrange the house for her and her kids. Antonio and Jessica have been sleeping in different rooms ever since she learned about the Law of Chastity. She wants so badly to change. So we set her baptismal date for August 8, but this week she called us and told us she doesn´t want to wait any longer so hopefully this Sunday she will be baptized. Our other baptism is a man studying Law, we have a date for him on August 8. After seeing people enter the waters of baptism it makes all of our sacrifices worth it. I really do love this work and am so glad to see our work pay off. The Lord has really blessed us.

Te amo mucho!

Hermana Kjar

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