Monday, July 20, 2009

Weeks fly by and Days seem so long . . .


First of All, HOLY FREAKIN PORQERIA! I almost starting screaming when I got Adam´s email about his new little Brooks or Ava. How incredible and stupendous! I am so happy for both of you! I can´t wait to see this beautiful baby! Felicitaciones!

This week has gone by so fast! Wow I feel like I just wrote you. But I do have some good news. We had church meetings this week, but we couldn´t shake hands or even give besos. Do you know how hard that is for Argentine people? A lot of them just went in for the kiss anyways. They don´t care. JAJAJAJAJ, JIJIJIJIJI: that is one of my favorite things in Spanish. When they write Ha ha and he he they use different letters, like jaja and jiji. When I saw that in my comps email I started laughing so hard. But we all laugh and smile in the same language. ONe thing about Argentine humor, I don´t know the language well enough to get their jokes. So it is kind of humorous trying to guess when I am supposed to laugh or frown. Usually I just do everything that my comp does. OH I love life!

This week we have had a little bit more success with the investigators. I think we knocked about 1,568 doors and walked about 79 miles. But those are just approximations. Our investigator Jessica opened up to us one night and gave us her life story. I only understood like half of it, my companion explained it to me. Jessica has had a rough life. From the age of 14 she has been forced to be a prostitute because she is really pretty and her mom and dad made her when she was younger because she needed money for her family. She has three children and she doesn´t even know who the fathers are. Her lover that she has been living with for 13 years is a jerk and hooked on porn. 4 years ago he made her go back to being a prostitute because they needed money for their kids. She just cried and cried because she knows this is true and she wants so bad to feel clean. She wants so bad to seperate from him but she is afraid she will have no one because her family isn´t around and she has no good friends. SHe calls us her angels. I love her so much. She smokes 3 cigarettes a day and so on Tuesday we made her a goal schedule and a pack of ´cigarillos de fe´ or Faith cigarettes. Yesterday was her first day of smoking 0 cigarettes. We call her every night at 9:30 to see how her smoking went. SHe also loves to talk to me because she is trying so hard to learn English. She keeps saying, ´Vamos a Utah´she wants so bad to come to Utah with me. On Tuesday the Bishop also gave her a blessing of strength and comfort so she will be able to make decisions to seperate. A couple of days later she found out she can graduate in August instead of December, so she can start working as a nurse in August. She knew this was a blessing from god so that she could seperate from him. She has so much faith and is so faithful in reading and praying everynight. I am praying that her husband will not be abusive when she tells him she wants to seperate. I hope that we will be able to baptize her the end of August.

I sang a solo and bore my testimony in Church on Sunday. It was good. NO one sings or plays the piano here, so they are so grateful for anything. I was funny to see there reaction because I just sang I stand all Amazed and the accompianist wasn´t even that good, but they thought it was amazing. It really brought the Spirit though, It was really fun!

THe language is coming, I understand probably about 60 percent now and I can talk more with the people. THe Lord is blessing me for my efforts. This area is a little harder than others because the people are a little harder, but we are searching everywhere.

We have 2 baptismal dates with a girlfriend and boyfriend of members. So we are working on getting them prepared. Adam thanks for what you said about loving the people. I have been thinking about that a lot lately. Becuase I really do feel a strong love for them but I can´t communicate with them the way that I want. But I need to work on that. THere are other ways I can show my love. It is true, the members are the key.

Good luck with the reunion! I think it is awesome that you will all be together the day grandpa died. Give everyone my love, I will be praying for you.

I love you so much! Besos y besos!

Hermana Kjar

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