Thursday, September 3, 2009


August 24, 2009

Familia, gracias for all of your support. I got letters from a lot of you and feel very blessed to hear that you are all doing well. I am glad to hear that you enjoyed your time with Mattias. He is awesome and I am surprised he said that my Spanish is good because their family saw my lack of knowledge from the very begginning. haha.

WEll this week I have realized that the mission is a roller coaster of emotions, seriously!! My companion was sick this week, so for 2 days we were in the house. I decided to make a really big Book of Mormon to use to contact people in the plaza. So I did and it turned out really well. On Thursday we had all of our District in our area working. WE had one elder wear the book of mormon and the rest of us gave out Bofm in the plaza. It was really fun and different, me and my companion are trying to find different ways of contacting people because knocking doors isn´t working very well and the members are really struggling right now. Then on Saturday we finally got a hold of Jessica and had a lesson with her. We cried together because she has suffered so much and Atonio is very abusive. We kind of suspected when we called us really mad last sunday that something was going on and Jessica wasn´t safe. BUt there is not much we can do. SHe is trying to find a house to move out but she is scared and I don´t know if she has the guts to make the move. She told us is wasn´t important that she was being beaten because she has been her whole life. She feels like it is her fault. BUt we tried to get into her head that she is daughter of God and deserves more. Also, that after much tribulation comes the blessings. SHe has so much faith and has no family or parents to protect her. She told us that she wants so badly to have a mother to tell her she loves her and to hug her. It just breaks my heart and I realize that my life is so easy. But she told us that she was going to show up for sacrament and be confirmed, but that didn´t happen and we don´t know what´s up. So please continue praying for her.

Right after out appointment with her Fabiana and Omar called us to tell us that they werent´coming to church and they didn´t want to continue learning more. We were shocked because they are so close to quiting smoking and had so much faith the day before. BUt Omar said he prayed again and felt a bad feeling. We told them it was ok,, that everyone has their own time. THey haven´t closed the door though. They still want us to visit and they are still praying.

Pompeya is doing fine, we have really been working hard with our relationship with the members. My companion is great and is teaching me a lot. I love it here and have made some incredible friends.

WE have been running in the mornings and working on our exercises, my body is starting to get tired, I need to exercise. BUt I am fine and healthy.

Did you get my package from Ali and Lincoln? THank you for your package you sent with Mattias, I can´t wait. Who do I have for Christmas? And Mom and Dad what year were you married?

Muchos besos y abrazos, Te amo muchissimo!!

Hermana Kjar

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