Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Spring is Here!

¿Como andan familia? This week has been good and the weather is perfect. I love the spring weather and I don´t want it to get any hotter. jaja, I am going to die this summer!!

As far as my investigators go, Fabiana and Omar, the hippie couple are doing well and we started goals with them to stop smoking. They love it when we come over and always have something for us to eat. ONe thing about Argentine families, every time you enter their house they ask you if you want something to drink and usual pull out cookies or crackers or something to eat. This week we were at a lady´s house and she really has nothing. She gave money to here daughter to go buy us some cookies so we could have something to eat, I know that they don´t have money and it is hard to accept there service sometimes. After talking to this lady for about an hour about our church, she told us she new sister missionaries once, and then she pulled out a picture of her BAPTISM!! We were shocked that she was baptized, but she never went back to the church after. We had a good laugh over that one. Also, one other funny story, that I am sure I will be known throughout the mission for. We were tracting with another Hermana from Argentina, so there were three of us. We knocked a door and a large man answered the door. We explained who we are and then in he said in a stern voice, "Son Yankees?" which is a rude way of saying are you North Americans? My first reaction was to shake my head no, because I was scared. Haha, then my companion said, well I´m not and she isn´t, pointing to the other Hermana, but she is, and pointed to me! During this time I was in the process of shaking my head no, haha, I was caught!! I don´t know what I was thinking. THe man then said, well then girls, no thank you. Then he slammed the door. We practically peed our skirts right outside his door because we couldn´t believe what had just happened.

Things with Jessica have been really hard this week. Things in her life this week have been falling apart but we had a good lesson with her on Saturday to get her ready for her Confirmation on Sunday. When we went to go pick her up her X answered the door and told us she will not be coming today. We called her phone later to see if she was ok, he answered and chewed us out. Telling us that we are ruining his life and that we don´t need to call ever again. So we are praying really hard in what we need to do with this situation. I just hope that Jessica and her children are ok.

This morning the Etchebest family called me to tell me that Mattias had a really good visit with my family last night. I am glad to hear it. Isn´t he awesome? I just love their family. Yesterday after lunch at there house the Bishop pulled out his guitar and we sung hymns and Folklore tunes of Latin America. He is amazing and has been in many bands. He always wants me to sing for him. But i love it. THey are like family to me. Yesterday I felt like I was at home.

One word of news, they have stopped all Pouch mail to all missions. So you will not be able to send mail through Salt Lake to me. Please use the address that you use for my packages with a 98 cent stamp. THanks!

Mom and Dad, Happy anniversary this week! I am so grateful especially right now for the covenants you made it the temple many years ago. I love bearing testimony everyday that I know my family will be together again.

Hope your day is the best! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO, I love you more!
Hermana Kjar

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Laura B. Smoot said...

Yeah for Sharla. She is doing so well and I'm excited for her.