Monday, October 26, 2009

The True Church

September 28, 2009

Dear family,

I am content in my service. This week was good, cold, trying, tiring, fun, spiritual, frustrating, new, and fulfilling. Everytime I think about what I want to write my family I am reminded at how many emotions are involved in this work. I can´t imagine the work of the Lord and how Bipolar that can be. But I am staying grounded in the gospel. No matter what happens in our live the only thing that will stay constant and firm is the gospel of Jesus Christ and our relationship with God.

This week we did a lot of searching and knocking doors. The Argentine people can definitely be tough sometimes. But we try to continue on with a smile knowing that one day we will find that person and it will be all worth it.

Hermana Fierro is great and we laugh a lot. She is a little bit more laid back than Hna Lopez and in someways that is good but it some ways that can be bad. But we work good together. Both of my companions have had one parent that is not a member. It is amazing to see their desire to have a family like mine. I have taken for granted the opportunity to have a family that is sealed in the temple. And I didn´t have to work for it, I was born into it. Mom and dad, thank you for living worthy lives and staying strong to be married in the temple. So many people would give anything to have a complete family that is all mormons. Hna Lopez told me that she learned a lot from my family. Just through your little gifts or notes, it impacted her a lot.

I am so glad to hear the baptism was great. I love watching newbies enter the church, they are like little children. I about started crying when I read what danner said in his testimony. I am so grateful for him and his friendship. The least I could do for him is help him learn a little more before he serves a mission. He is more of an example to me. I can´t wait for our Kjar bear hug in 3 years!! But time will fly and we will be mature adults!! Haha, Love you bud, write me! Continue the missionary work, I am sure there are others waiting. Pres Hinckley said every member knows someone that is ready to be baptized, even in Utah!

Dad thanks for you story about our missionary in Denmark. That story will help me in lessons or other things in the mission. People ask me about when my ancestors joined and I can´t tell them much, so thanks.

Our ward had a major change this week. We changed bishobrics and now we have a 27 year old bishop, and the two counselors are 27 and 25. So it is a huge change but they all served missions so I hope missionary work is important to them. This will shake our ward a little bit, so we are focusing on visiting a lot of members this week. I am feeling the weight of the world really strong in this work. The second coming is drawing close and the hearts of the people are hardening. The Lord is sifting out the week from his ward and branches and it is tough. At least we know we are on the Lords side.

I am glad to heare grandma smoot is home but sad to hear Tank died, is he that old?
This week we found a few investigators that we are so excited about. One is named Enrique, he is 75 and has a son that is inactive. But he doesn´t know much and we taught him his first lesson about the plan of salvation. He was on the edge of his seat teh whole time because he wanted to learn so bad. This information is so important, it is about thier salvation and eternity. His wife died a long time ago and so he was really curious. He is definitely prepared, and he asked all of the dream questions that a missionary wants. He told us he knew that our life was eternal. He also asked, but what is the purpose of life?? And he also knew that there had to be something else because there was ancient life in the Americas also – the book of Mormon. We about fainted and taught him an amazing lesson. He was so excited to learn. Pray that he will read and pray to know it is true. We also found a family just knocking doors who had mormon friends who gave them a Book of Mormon and just that seed helped us set an appointment. The dad kept saying, you Mormons are good people, you know that? We were a little flabbergasted because all of the others were slamming doors in our faces. But the work goes on and I am grateful for my time here.

Love you more!
Hna Kjar

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