Monday, October 26, 2009


Wow, I was not expecting that news. How did Rick die? The Lord works in interesting ways. Who is in our new STake Presidency? Dad thanks for the update and the miracles. The Lord has a plan for everything. I can´t believe that half of their family now is on the other side. But luckily we have this knowledge, this knowledge I get to share with people everyday on the streets. Knowledge that is so different and if people are ready, this knowledge can turn their heads and cause them to change their lives. I can´t believe we had another 2 deaths in our ward boundaries. MOm and Dad, are you thinking of moving out of the ward yet? jk, man that is crazy.

WEll this week was great. We completed all of our goals and even planned and executed a ward activity. Let´s just say when I say ward activity don´t think of a ward activity in Utah. Think of a pary with 2 people, even though our ward probably has the same amount of people as my home ward. But we had fun and laughed a lot. We had everyone bring fruit and together we made a delicious fruit salad and talked about the unity of the barrio that we need so badly. Then we did some scripture skits and we laughed so hard because they never do stuff like this here so the acting skills were funny. It was fun and I am glad we did it.

This week is probably my last week in Mar del plata so we are living it up! Today we went to Puerto, or the Port and saw sea lions large ships, fresh fish, fisherman, and took long walks up and down the port. WE had a lot of fun just the two of us.

This week we were able to spend more time with Jessica (my convert) and her family. WE can finally enter her house and teach her children. It brings me so much joy to be with her family because she has changed so much and it shows in her family. He children want to be baptized so in time they will be. I had to break the news to her that I will probably be leaving on Sunday and she started bawling and was scared that I would never see her again or write her. This will be hard to leave, especailly because it is my first area. But I can feel it is time. The language is coming, I am feeling a lot better and can understand everything and surprise myself sometimes at how much I can say.

My ankle is feeling a lot better. We starting running in the mornings again and I think that has helped strengthen my ankle. The Lord is blessing me.

I am so grateful especially at this point of my mission to be growing. The Lord is helping me so much by telling me things I need to improve and I feel my spirit growing so much. We have a baptism this sunday with a young 14 year old boy named Walter. He is really shy but really firm. I hope it all works out and his parents cooperate.

On thursday I complete 6 MONTHS in the mission, can you believe it! Also Happy Halloween. It doesn´t feel like halloween at all. Because it is Spring and hardly anyone celebrates Halloween here, but we will do something special. Me and my companion were thinking about dressing up as each other. haha, that is just about as crazy as we can be in the mission.

I love you all so much!! besos, besos
Hermana KJar

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