Monday, October 26, 2009


October 19, 2009

Familia – mi solcita, amorcita

I just got an email from Luke and Becca, how exciting, I hope it really does turn out to be a boy. I am so grateful to hear that the CNG and Autosource thing is working out well. How convenient. I´ll bet it is a lot easier for Jeremy.

This week has been good. I was sick but we still went out and worked and I think I am getting over it. My ankle has been bothering me but I am scared to go get it checked because going is home is my worst fear.(no offense family) But it isn´t way bad, but it bothers. My body is going to be so worn out and tired by the time I get home.

Yesterday was mothers day in Argentina, it was kind of sad to not have a mother to celebrate with and all the members didn´t want to invite us over because they had all of there family over. So we decided to go visit a few sisters in our ward that are in rest homes. It was so perfect and helped us forget ourselves and help others who needed our help and comfort. We went to visit one old lady named Isabel and her family didn´t even come to say hello to her. But she was so happy, especially when we showed her the pictures of the temple and the prophets. There was a lot of lonely mothers there and we did a little cheering up. There was a piano and I started playing songs, and it is really rare for people to have musical talent here so they were all so surprised. But it made my day and we want to go back more often. Oh and mom - Feliz Dia de la Madre from your daughter in Argentina. I love you and miss you.

We made little papers with dried flowers to give to all the women in our ward to thank them for being out mothers away from home. It was a good day. We have a ward activity that we are planning for this Friday. We will be making fruit salad together and doing scripture skits. I hope people come and we can get out point and lesson across – ward unity. Pray for us!

I heard about the girls retreat from Becca, how fun to have all the sister in laws. It all sounded amazing. Can we do it after I get home next year? In the end of October or November. I love my sisters so much and miss every one.

The work is moving along and we are working hard. I love every minute. Elder Bowen from the Seventy that took Elder Robbins spot came to visit us. He laid down the line and I learned sooooo much. I am so grateful for righteous leaders that recieve revelation from God to help us improve. It was an awakening that I need to do better. I have two more weeks in Pompeya and am enjoying every bit of it!

Keep the Faith and remember your covenants you made in the temple.

Love you more!
Hermana Kjar

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