Monday, October 26, 2009

Spring is here!

September 14, 2009

Sorry my email didn´t work last week. I am doing great and loving life. Everyday is a new adventure. . . that is for sure. We meet some pretty interesting people and also some amazing people that put me in awe. The adventures of the mission are adventures that I will never experience again. And you know me. . . I love adventures and trying new things!!
I was sad to hear about Grandma Smoot but I hope everything is going ok. Whatever happens I know the Lord is in charge of that women´s life. She has been a light to many and hope that she can get well soon.

Dad thanks for the BYU football update, that is amazing! I wish the best for my cougs. At least we know we have the Lord on our side, right?? Ha ha

Well this week was really good, the weather has been amazing. I love Spring. With the Stamenz family, the 2 girls were supposed to be baptized yesterday but the mom wants them to investigate the church longer. It is so amazing to see how some children are so sensitive to the spirit and what god wants. I know now why the Lord tells us to become like children. Esperanza, age 10, told us that she has been praying to know if this is the true church. Before this she had been going to other churches to investigate and she loves to read. She had a dream God told her that this was the only true church of God. So she knows without a doubt that this is the church for her. I love teaching children the gospel because they soak everything up, and it is always more exciting.

On Saturday we have 2 baptisms with Hector and Juan Ignacio. Hector is an older man who just stopped smoking and has been attending church for over a month. He remembers everything that is said in every meeting and reads the Bof M every night. Juan is a 9 year old boy. His mom, claudia, has been a member for 30 years but also inactive for 30 years. We reinactivated her and Juan has been coming to church. He wants to be baptized.

This week was really great because we achieved our of our goals that were set really high. There is a new rule with our new President that we can´t count someone as a new investigator unless we enter into their house and teach them a lesson. That is really hard to do around here because no one can trust anyone. But this week we set our goal for 10 new investigators and we did it! The assistants to the presidents called us to congratulate us because it is really unheard of. This is probably my last week with Hna Lopez and I am praying that my next companion will like to work and is Latino. I need to improve my spanish still and I know it will be a hard change to a new companion.

Last night we had a FHE with the Bishops family and we made fruit pizza with the sugar cookie mixes that mom sent with Mattias. They thought it was the best thing ever! It was so fun and we love there family so much. Thanks mom for that!!

I am reading the Bible a lot lately and I have absolutely fallin in love with the New Testament. I am in Matthew and everytime I read I can´t get enough. The scriptures are so amazing and Christ is the ultimate example of love.
This mission is the best thing ever and I am enjoying my self so much.

Love you more!
Hermana Kjar

Mom, can you send me pictures that we took at Thanksgiving at the cabin with the fam and with Danner? Also I need the wedding date of Katie.

I am so glad to hear Lindsey is in Gracie´s class! Give her a huge hug for me and tell her I love her. I am sad I missed her wedding. I also was looking through a missionary book that a member family has of letters and pictures from missionaries and guess who I found?? Ryan Arrington. What a small world huh? The Savoia family in Pompeya. Lacol sent me a picture of Ben and your children, holy crap!! Your children are getting old! Ashton is huge and also the Baby is grande!! How fun, I hope your anniversary was so fun. Can you believe it has been 8 years! Wow, you two are such great examples.

I am so happy to hear about your baptism with your missionary investigator! Good luck with that! Make sure you check up on him throughout the week because I have found when the date is set Satan starts working really hard. You need to stop by just to check up on him. That is such awesome preparation for you mission. Congrats bud! I want to hear about your officer duties and the start of your senior year. When is Homecoming? Who are you going with? I love you so much and always think about you and love to tell everyone about my best friend Danner. Love you bud, cuidese.

I love you to bits and am always thinking about you? How is Kalia and Tyler? How is your life and Send Out cards?

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