Monday, October 26, 2009

October 5, 2009

Dearest familia,

I feel so blessed right now at this point of my mission. There is no where else I would rather be. (even though I am sad I missed the trip with danner, how fun!) We were able to watch every single session of conference, except priesthood of course. I was so spiritual fed, it was like a feast and something I hunger for especially here in the mission. Being here far away from Salt Lake City gave me a stronger testimony that our prophets and apostles really are the seers for the whole world called of God. We had 4 investigators come to conference and each one absolutely loved it. It is good for investigators to see the organization that we have and feel of the power and spirit that is in each word. I especially loved the last session with elder holland and Elder nielson of the seventy, because they were about missionary work and I was filled. I was grateful for all the talks about Gods love because it is something that we talk about alot with people because they are always asking why there is so much bad and suffering people when there is a God that loves his children. They have a seperate room for the missionaries from the US to listen to conference in English. It was great to hear the real voices of the prophets.
This week was good, we found more success in our work and have some new investigators. My companion is great and we are having fun. I love listening to her sing in English, aka jibberish. We bought a huge watermelon the other day and are still working on it. It reminded me of summers with dad- pounding all the watermelons in the store and making a scene, and then eating it in large slices with salt. I miss little memories like that. This week I completed 5 months in the mission, I can´t believe it. It was also Hna Fierros 22nd birthday and we celebrated with brownies and a tour of Mar del plata (haha, because we took the right bus but the wrong direction). It was definetely an adventure and our bus hit another car and this older lady that was standing next to me got clotheslined by my arm when we crashed and she basically bit my arm because her mouth was open because she was screaming when my arm clotheslined her. I couldn´t stop laughing and she was kind of upset. Oops, it provided for a good day of fun.

MOm and Dad, those pictures look so fun! I loved everyone. Danner is such a lucky ducky! I am excited to hear who the new stake presidency is. Did they have a ceremony for Tank? Wow, haha, what kind of dog does grandma have. My brothers are becoming the new crocidile hunters, eh? what adventures they have while their wifes are laying on teh beach watching thier bellies grow. When does Haley and Becca find out what they are having?

Well I love you all so much and hope to hear from you soon!
Hna Kjar

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