Monday, October 26, 2009

October 12, 2009

Querido Familia,

Como esta C-ville y mi familia? Gracias for the update from the Homecoming stuff. Sounds so fun!! It is so great that Danner has parents that help him with everything. Who did Danner take? Dad I can´t believe Blaine Cox is back in church. What a missionary you are! That is so great!

Mom I got your package last week, it was amazing. Did I tell you I needed socks and nylons? Everything you sent was perfect. Just so you know I think your package came in exactly 2 weeks.

This week was really good and was a testimony that the Lord really does have a hand in this work. There was one day that we were so tired and sick of walking and knocking doors just to have people reject us and tell us they are Catholic or we are wrong. We had walked all morning and every appnmt fell through and we hadn´t entered one house. We returned to our house for lunch and we were both really frustrated and wondering what we are doing wrong. So I said a long prayer and told the Lord everything I was feeling. Then we were back out on the streets at 3.30. It was so interesting because we had so much success that afternoon and people actually started talking to us. We ended up getting 5 new investigators which is really good. And we entered the home of a family that is way crazy but so fun. Our lessons were so distinct and humorous.

The first was with 2 grandpas who were chillin in the street and started talking with me because one of them knew a little bit of English – hahaha. We had a really powerful discussion and the Spirit was so strong during the first vision. It was a testimony to my companion and I that we are doing the right thing. But both of them ended up telling us that they like our message but they are catholics and have their Bible. Some people are so hard!!

The second discussion was with a grandma who couldn´t hear anything. When we started the discussion she kept telling us to talk louder and then would scoot her chair closer. By the end we were about 4 inches from her face yelling in her ear. Haha, I think the whole block heard our message. That´s what we want right?

The third was with this family that is way outgoing and crazy. They were so curious that once we started answering one question they asked a new one and we ended up teaching a little bit of every discussion. It was pretty fun!!

Well we have our new bishop and it has been amazing. He is so organized and young and wants to do so much. It is a breath of fresh air to our ward. Our ward is taking a new turn and I hopw a lot of people reactivate. We are doing great and trying to stay focused in teh work. I am a little sick because I had a sore throat and then we were outside all night in a really bad rain storm and decided to take advantage of the puddles. So we came back to the house soaked and I caught a cold. Oops!! But all is well. We are going to play sports on the beach, and tomorrow I think I am going to chop my hair, awwwww!

Love you so much,
God bless -
Hermana KJar

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