Friday, May 8, 2009

Holy Canoly!

Hola mi familia y amigos! Como le va su dia? Sorry it has been awhile, today is finally my first P-day that I have to write letters. SOOO much has happened and I will try to get all of it in this short half hour I have to write. Here are some things I have grown to love this last week:

1. I have a 5th appendage now, it is called my missionary tag. It says Hermana Kjar, La Iglesia de Jesucristo de los santos de los ultimos dias. I think that it has become my favorite thing. I feel so naked when I am not wearing it. It will be like tearing off a limb when I have to take it off. I feel so honored to wear my best friends name right over my heart. I love having Christ close to my heart always.

2. I have grown to love mail. It makes my day when my District leader, Elder Beardall brings back a letter or package for me. I really now understand the love that my brothers and sisters had for mail while they were on their missions.

3. I love my companion Hermana Morley. She is going to Salta Argentina so I will miss her when we part. WE really are so much alike. We have the exact same temperment and we laugh at the same things. It is so fun! There are some days when we cry we are laughing so hard.

4. I love my gym time that I have everyday! We only have an hour but we have been outside everyday. Hermana Morley and I love to play soccer, softball, and especially sand volleyball. We whip the elders butts! Unfortunately we are not allowed to play football, so my football skills will be very poor when I get home.

5. I am learning to have Christ-like love for my Elders. We have 8 Elders in our district and 4 of them are going to my same mission. And of course, some of them are still 19 and it is very evident sometimes. But there are a couple that are so freakin hilarious, but that is also dangerous because sometimes it loses the Spirit. But they treat us so nicely and I feel like there mothers sometimes. One day we were leaving the room to study somewhere else. And they begged us to stay, they said "if you stay, we will be quiet we promise!" We thought that was so funny that they really wanted us to stay that badly! But I really love them. We know each other so well now, they even know my menstrual cycle now and know when to stay away! Jk, but they really did write it on their calendar! Oh Elders!

6. I love letters from my parents. I have only been able to write you that one short letter. But mom and dad, everytime you send me a letter to answer a prayer of mine and give me the advice that I really needed at that time. Dad I have been trying to find ways to get the Elders to stay on task, and your last letter helped me so much. YOu are right I need to treat them like the Elders I want them to become and then they will live up to that. I have tried and I think I see it working. Thanks mom and Dad! I did get your cinnamon rolls and cinco de mayo package and I absolutely was thrilled. WE had a little party as a District and they all wanted me to say thanks and they love you already! Tell the other siblings to write me!

7. I love love love the many hours I have set aside to study preach my gospel and the blessed scriptures. It has made me so much more humble and helps me keep the Spirit. This will never happen again in my life so I am taking advantage of all of it! Please read preach my gospel, everything you can think of is in there!

8. I love obedience. Everyone told me before I came to worry about being obedient and everything else will be fine. That is so true! WE have had so many talks on that. I know that if I am exactly obedient I have the right to call on the lords help because he is bound when we do what he says. And I know how great that is. I can always expect help when I am keeping my part!

I love you so much family! Mom happy mothers day, there is a card coming for you!

Mucho amor,
Hermana Kjar


Starla said...

Sweet Sharla; I hear a Hermana speaking in you post today and it thrills me. There's simply nothing quite like a sister missionary who is filled with the spirit. Keep it up. A great work is waiting for Hermana Kjar. Of that I am sure. We love you!!!

Haley + Adam said...

It sounds like you're doing awesome shar!!! We're so happy YOU're so happy :) Keep up the good you Hermana Kjar!