Friday, May 22, 2009

Te Amo

Querido Familia,I just feel so grateful for you in my life right now and for the decisions I have decided to make thus far. This morning in the temple we did initiatories because we had a meeting at 9 for our paperwork on our visas. But I am so glad we did because I love initiatories. I felt today that God is proud of me and really knows how hard I am trying. Every time I do initiatories I feel so blessed to have a healthy body and I know that God is pouring down his blessings so abundantly and I don't deserve them most of the time. Sometimes I get frusturated because I feel like I could be doing better, there is always room for improvement. But I can't let my mind do that because it just slows me down. I need to be optimistic. An EFY song that I have fallen in love with goes like this:

I don't have the words his truth deserves
He says if I make a choice
He'll help me find my voice
He calls me to serve and I cannot fail him
The man who has given me all that I have
I put my trust in him alone
He knows the yearnings of my soul
Because he believes in me I will go willingly

I take great comfort in the words of that song. I am so grateful for him and for the gospel that we have on this earth. I love sharing with people that we do have a church on this earth today that can answer every single one of their questions. Do you konw how many people are looking for that kind of knowledge? We are so blessed to born into that great knowledge. Our district is doing ok, one boy will probably go home this week. It is kind of sad, but I think it will be good for our district to move on and become better. We are speaking a lot of Spanish. Our teachers have converted over to 100 percent Spanish and Hermana Morley and I are trying our hardest to speak as much as we can together. WE are on the same level, so it is really good. We taught the second lesson in English this week and it went really well. I love teaching if the Spirit is there. I love bearing testimony and telling my investigators that God really does love them and know who they are. I can't wait until I have real investigators!! Since being here we have had Elder Nelson, Elder Ballard, and Elder Neuenschwander at our Tuesday devotions. How lucky are we? I love it. Alos, we just watched the most amazing talk by Holland at the MTC. It is called "the miracle of a mission" from 2000. If you can get your hands on it, you would love it! Danner how was your big 18th birthday? What did you do? Ben Happy Birthday on Sunday and Gracie Happy Birthday next week! Mom did you get my package with the birthday presents in them? Mandy there is package coming for your family. I will be sending more pictures soon. I am doing well and loving every minute. Please pray for me to do my best and stay focused! Te amo, te amo, te amo! Dios quiere nuestros familia ser eterna! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

Hermana Kjar (also known as Hermana "Kjar package" by my district because I got a package everyday of last week, Ha ha, thanks for your support!)P.S. I saw the Taylor Davies yesterday! He just got here, it is good to see familiar faces. Adam Bavelas is so adorable and is growing up fast! He is Zone leader and so cute!

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