Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sharla's First MTC Letter

May 1, 2009

Dear Familia,

Today has been good and a little overwhelming. I am so relieved that my companion is normal. We have so many things in common. She was actually in the same orientation meeting as our family. She was in the back with a green shirt on. Her name is Sister Morley from Midvale, UT. We both love sports and music. She does choir and plays the piano. She loves sports and is way laid back. I feel like we are sisters already. She is so cute and I am excited to grow with her. She is a little more shy than me.

I met my branch presidency and district today. It was so good to finally put faces to them. They are mostly pretty mature and I am so excited to grow with them.

I saw Adam Bavelas a lot today. He looks so good! We did shake hands even though we aren't supposed to because of the swine flu. Ha ha! Who does that?

Everyone is so friendly here and the sisters are treated like queens. The elders have to take our trays and stand up every time we walk in the room. We are the only sisters in our district of ten but I love it! Four of the other elders in our district are going to my same mission, so I will get to share my whole mission with them. I feel really lucky.

The food so far is great! There are usually a lot of choices. I can't wait to get out of all the orientation stuff and have a real normal schedule. I kind of feel lost right now.

I am really surprised to see that I am not homesick at all. All I needed to do was to get to work and forget myself. Those last couple of days at home were so emotional and long! Now I can focus.

My two teachers are Hermana Penaflor from Peru and Hermono Farrell. I really like them - they are master teachers.

I have seen the most random people that I know, it is crazy! Familiar faces are good!

I have grown so much and it hasn't been easy. I can't wait to see the growth when I leave in 8 weeks from this wonderful place.

Love you more!
Sharla aka Hermana Kjar

* Kjar cheer - (clap, clap, "WOOO!!!")

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