Monday, August 22, 2011

Grandma's Garden

So while I was on my mission my mom told me that she was renting a garden plot and was growing a garden. Then while I was in Jerusalem, she told me she was doing it again. When I thought of garden, I thought of maybe a couple squares and a couple vegetables. But her garden exceeded all my expectations!! She grows everything and lots of it!! Tomatoes, pepper, Kale, lettuce, green beans, carrots, potatoes, all kinds of herbs, onions, green onions, spinach, squash, pumpkins, cucumbers and many other things.
The Gardener herself

My niece Kalia and I reaping the rewards

After we gardened we went and had a picnic with our little Bennet boy, I love his new tombstone!!

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Haley K said...

her garden is AMAZING!!! I may come by today or tomorrow and pick some green beans...oh I love those things :) And i'm glad you guys were able to enjoy a nice picnic at Bennett's grave :)