Friday, August 5, 2011

We're going to the zoo zoo zoo!!

So when you live somewhere for a while, you have to hit up the local zoo. So we DID!! It was one of the best zoos I have ever been to!! I loved it! They had so many animals and the atmosphere was so great. Some of my favorite animals were the monkeys, penguins, elephants, and zebras. I felt like a kid again and also was reminded of how awesome our God is. All these animals have totally different lives, but all are so beautiful in there own way and all know how to survive in there own way.

Of course I had to take a picture of the Zebra butts - they are so beautiful!!
These bears were so pretty and really entertaining.
They were drinking the nectar with there tongues. I thought I was smart, so after the nectar ran out I covered up the cup so the birds couldn't see there was nothing in it and I tried to get them to come on my arm again. One of them was close, and kept trying to look inside. When she finally got a good look inside and saw there was nothing she bit my finger and flew away. She knew I was tricking her!! I just laughed for a little while because I thought I was so cool and smart.

And last but not least. . . . . the elephant show. They put on an impromptu show for us. We loved it and I didn't know that elephants loved to swim so much.

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