Thursday, November 10, 2011

The G String

So the other day I had a funny experience and I'd though I'd share it with my friends and fam for some good laughs.
First of all, let me describe my harp teacher to you so this story can make a little more sense. Sister Pack is around 65-70 years old and she is the ultimate Mormon mom/grandma. She is probably 5 foot nothing and has a cute little hunched back. Her hair is like a salt and pepper fro that just bounces around everywhere she goes. She wears the same thing everyday - Some color of tights with a homemade skirt that comes to her knees with a cardigan. She is a trained opera singer and is a music fanatic. She can do anything. She has had around 15+ children. . . haha just kidding, I think just 10. One of her neighbors once told me that when she had more and more children she would just build another wall in her house to make an extra room. All of her daughters play the harp and she is a self-taught harpist but not runs the whole harp program at BYU Idaho. She writes almost all of our music for our harp ensemble. She would never hurt a fly but she hates attention of any sort. She is so so humble and innocent.

Anyways so that is a little taste of who she is so this story can be even better.
So I have lesson with her every Monday at 9:20. This particular monday I was playing a song on the harp on campus and I reached down to play the lower G and we both realized at the same time that it wasn't there. It had broken and we didn't even notice. So she pulled out her strings and asked me, "Will you help me fix my G string?"
So without laughing, because I knew she wouldn't even know what a G string is, I accepted. But it didn't end there. After I helped fix the string, she kept thanking me for helping her "fix her G String". Keep in mind, that there are harp students coming in and out of the room to get to the other harps. So I'm sure they were all wondering what was going on. But I thought it was so funny because Sister Pack is so innocent and has no idea what she is even saying.
So now everytime I wear my G-string I think of Sister Pack. . . . jk I don't wear them!! Just G's.

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