Friday, November 4, 2011


This picture was the early morning start of a LONG day, but a monumental one at that. My costume was a "fire fairy". A costume that was easy because my mom had already made for my brother Danner before. Throughout the day I was called all kinds of things because when you look at my costume you don't think "fire fairy" right off. What even is a fire fairy? I have no idea. I was called a pumpkin, statue of liberty, fire, and the best of all "a helpful goblin." My awesome sister-in-laws decided to join me in the race. LaCol is a cute girl scout and Becca is a Rip-Roarin Referee! We had so much fun together.

13.1 miles - To tell you the truth, it was really hard!! Especially the last 3 miles!! My Ipod died, my legs were cramping, and I could feel a huge blister forming on my right foot. But I did it!! I finished in 2 hours and 11 minutes. It felt good to finish, then the aches and pains started setting in. But nothing was able to take away from that feeling of accomplishment after 8 weeks of training. I remember my first run was 3 miles and I was in such bad shape that I pulled my groin muscle after just 3 miles!!!
One of my bucket-list items I can now check off.


Sophie Weber said...

Way to go!!! That is awesome! More power to you! I have never found running to be fun.. but the costume was awesome.. fire fairy, who would have thought?

Alyse said...

Good job Sharla!! Such a great feeling of accomplishment, I'm sure! You're awesome!