Friday, June 24, 2011

Hezekiah's Tunnel - Sloshin' through the Gihon Spring

Hezekiah's tunnel was built by Hezekiah in 701 BC to protect the water source of the city of David - the Gihon Spring. It was also built to take the water from inside the city walls to a water reservoir that would allow more people to get to it more easily. It is about 1500 feet long and it was carved out of pure limestone. Not an easy feat!! He had carvers start at both ends and they finally met in the middle. The tunnel is not very wide, there are many parts where my shoulders touched both sides and the water was usually up to my calves the whole time. We had such a fun time sloshing through the water in the dark. Although, my head suffered a few bumps. We tried to be more adventurous and turn off all of our lamps, until my head started pounding from all the bumps against the wall.

This is my teacher, brother Judd and some of his daughter, aren't they so cute and little!!
WE did it!! WE got through it!!
I look like I'm granola, hard core!!
I know I look hott with my head lamp on.

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