Saturday, June 25, 2011


Petra, Jordan - One of the worlds wonders!! It lived up to every one of my expectations!! There is no wonder that it is a wonder of the world - no pun intended. I loved the beautiful colors of sandstone and all the amazing things they carved right outside of the side of the cliff. I also loved the people that live there that we met. They try so hard to sell their things that they make and they all want you to ride their mules, horses and camels.

These are two different kinds of soldiers. The one in the blue suit is the Tourist police and the one in the dress is the Bedouin police.
Just riding my camel Sally outside the Treasury, does it look familiar? The treasury is in the movie Indiana Jones.

Look at all these tombs carved into the mountain
This is the Monastery, you had to hike for a long time up hundreds of stairs to reach this place. It was so pretty though!!
Beautiful rock formations

A Bedouin girl that I made friends with, she was so cute.
There are so many beautiful colors in the rock.
This is what they do for a living there
I bought a little bottle of sand from this man, he doesn't use glue or anything, he is so talented with sand art, he even wrote my name in the sand, I don't know how
This rock looked like melting chocolate.

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