Sunday, March 22, 2009

Grateful Days

On this fine sabbath day I feel so grateful for what the Lord has blessed me with.  In Luke it says "to whom much is given much is required." I feel like I need to show my gratitude more than ever before at this time of my life because I feel so blessed.  So here is just five things I feel blessed to have today:
1. Sister-in-laws - This weekend my sister in law Haley came to visit her sister while Adam was out of town, and they stopped by to see me.  We ended up spending the whole Saturday night together and I just adore her.  I feel so lucky to have 3 sister in laws that are so genuine, kind, lovable and accepting of me.  They feel like best friends to me.  I cannot wait to watch these righteous women raise families with my brothers.  (hint, hint)
2. Light of Christ - I am grateful to be a literal spirit daughter of Christ.  We each have some little part of him in us, it is called the light of Christ.  When I do things to spark that light of Christ it makes me want to increase that light and rely on him more so he can impute more of his light in me to serve more faithfully in his kingdom.  It is something that helps me overcome the natural man on those really rough days.  
3. Rhythm - My mothers heart must have been really loud while I was in the womb because I feel like rhythm runs deep in my veins.  No matter where I am, whenever I hear a rhythm my body has to follow it.  The best is when I get to make the rhythm or really us my creativity to dance to the rhythm.  In my clogging class we are doing an accapella dance kind of like the Broadway musical Stomp.  I get to make as much noise as a want, and we make up our own rhythms and see how they fit together.  It makes my heart so happy!  
4. Successful but Righteous Father - I am writing a paper on wealth vs. poverty in my religion class according to Luke.  There is one particular story in Luke that really made me think how I would react.  One righteous wealthy man asks Christ how he could gain eternal life.  Christ tells him to sell all he has and follow him.  But he is sorrowed because he could not get himself to get rid of his wealth.  My father is a successful man that has provided for our family.  One thing I am grateful for is that he never put his riches or status above the work of his family or the church.  I know that if he was asked by the prophet to sell his belongings and serve the church the rest of his life, he would.  I will be very lucky if I can find a man that is like my dad.  
5. Guy Friends - I feel very blessed this month to have good Priesthood holders as friends.  I have found that I always need to have at least a couple really good guy friends around me, especially while here at school.  I grew up with brothers that I was always really close with, and I feel like I can relate to males better than the female gender.  There is nothing like a good guy friend that gives good man hugs on those days that you are feeling down and helpless.  I have made some great friends at this University that I consider to be my brothers.  It will be hard leaving them because I know once they get married our relationship will be deceased.  Ha ha, sad but true.  It has been great to have them around to realize what kind of men are still out there.  

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Haley + Adam said...

you are one amazing chica :) I can't tell you how proud I am to be part of your family...sisters forever :) The trip up to Rexburg was a blast! Thanks for coming with me to Corrie's performance and for rockin' out at the guitars unplugged dance!! You take advantage of every moment in life, you notice your many blessings...You're always so positive Sharla, keep smiling & laughing :) I love you Shar