Friday, May 29, 2009

MTC Hump Day

Querido Familia,

Te amo mucho! Today is officially my Hump day, I have been out for 1 month and only have one more month left! This week has been another busy one. We got rid of a district from our zone that we were really close to. They were so fun and hilarious. One of them, Elder Maxwell, has this one hair that grows randomly out of his forehead. He decided to grow it out in the MTC. They plucked this 4 in long hair the last day they were here, oh how funny! They presented this hair to me so I could make a bookmark with it. It will send pictures when the bookmark project is executed:) We recieved 8 new Elders this week in our Zone that are going to Mexico. All of them are pretty shy but we will get them to come out.

My district is actually doing really well. It is hard sometimes to see the growth when you are with them all day. But I look back and see how far we have come, it is a miracle. Elder Gerardi left last Friday, it has been a good thing for our district though. It was the right thing for him to do. So we have a threesome of elders now, only 9 in our district. I am so close to them. They are all so adorable to me and I love their little 19 year old quirks. Last night we were playing some music in our classroom and interpretive dancing. Oh I laughed so hard, Hermana Morley had some amazing modern moves while rolling around on the ground. I feel like I can totally be myself. I am going to miss the four that don't go to my mission.

We had a meeting with the Consol from Argentina yesterday. He has to meet us all before he signs our visas, so he flew in to have this meeting with us. I absolutely loved his accent and he answered a lot of questions we had about Argentina. One of the things that I liked he said was "There is a law, but it is very blurry. In America stopping at a stop light is mandatory. In Argentina it is just a suggestion." Ha ha, I am excited also for buses that don't stop, I can't wait to chase after this buses and hop in, all while being in a skirt! He also described how people are going to be very curious of why we Americans are in Argentina learning their language. That is what we want right? It made me really excited to fly away to Argentina.So this week Hermana Morley and I have been 2 days so far where we didn't speak hardly any English the whole day. It is so fun and we find it really humorous sometimes. I really love the Spanish language.

Crazy Random Story: This morning we did a sesssion at the temple. I walk into the waiting room chapel and guess who is sitting in the row in front of me? BRETT IPSON!! It was so surprising and crazy. He was with his brother Matt and his roommate. We couldn't really talk until after the session in the Celestial room, but it was good to see him. I promise we didn't plan anything and I hope he doesn't come every week because that would be a distraction. He was crying a little bit when I was talking to him about the impact of the mission and how it shapes us. I love talking to him about those kinds of things. But we had a good chat and he told me he would give you all a big hug for me!

This week we also taught the most amazing lesson to our investigator. The last 2 weeks in the TRC, where volunteers come to pretend to be investigators, we taught the same girl, her name is Merilyn. She is our age and is from Peru but speaks really good English. She has been thinking about a mission and so this week we decided to prepare a lesson for her and not a pretend person. She was surprised when we told her this but the lesson was killer. She was so touched and we had been prompted to prepare exactly what she needed. This last week she was praying and fasting for an answer. Through our lesson we helped her decide to go by sharing our experiences of how we decided to go. We were all crying and it is so good to have a real investigator for once. This is what this work is all about! If I had that much joy for helping her make that decision, I can't even imagine the joy of a baptism! I absolutely love the work of the Lord, I am trying so hard but sometimes I feel it isn't enough. I love the Lords university!

Mom and Dad, thank you so much for your letters of advice, it really helps. I will take anything I can get. How is the cabin, garage, financial situation, and ward? I would love to hear about it all. I will say that I am not jeleous I wasn't there to clean the blessed garage. But I think about you often. How is Katie? Mom I can't wait to get my package, you are the best. I did my cookie package, there was so many but again, my zone and district loved them.

THanks a million.
Hermana Kjar

Friday, May 22, 2009

Te Amo

Querido Familia,I just feel so grateful for you in my life right now and for the decisions I have decided to make thus far. This morning in the temple we did initiatories because we had a meeting at 9 for our paperwork on our visas. But I am so glad we did because I love initiatories. I felt today that God is proud of me and really knows how hard I am trying. Every time I do initiatories I feel so blessed to have a healthy body and I know that God is pouring down his blessings so abundantly and I don't deserve them most of the time. Sometimes I get frusturated because I feel like I could be doing better, there is always room for improvement. But I can't let my mind do that because it just slows me down. I need to be optimistic. An EFY song that I have fallen in love with goes like this:

I don't have the words his truth deserves
He says if I make a choice
He'll help me find my voice
He calls me to serve and I cannot fail him
The man who has given me all that I have
I put my trust in him alone
He knows the yearnings of my soul
Because he believes in me I will go willingly

I take great comfort in the words of that song. I am so grateful for him and for the gospel that we have on this earth. I love sharing with people that we do have a church on this earth today that can answer every single one of their questions. Do you konw how many people are looking for that kind of knowledge? We are so blessed to born into that great knowledge. Our district is doing ok, one boy will probably go home this week. It is kind of sad, but I think it will be good for our district to move on and become better. We are speaking a lot of Spanish. Our teachers have converted over to 100 percent Spanish and Hermana Morley and I are trying our hardest to speak as much as we can together. WE are on the same level, so it is really good. We taught the second lesson in English this week and it went really well. I love teaching if the Spirit is there. I love bearing testimony and telling my investigators that God really does love them and know who they are. I can't wait until I have real investigators!! Since being here we have had Elder Nelson, Elder Ballard, and Elder Neuenschwander at our Tuesday devotions. How lucky are we? I love it. Alos, we just watched the most amazing talk by Holland at the MTC. It is called "the miracle of a mission" from 2000. If you can get your hands on it, you would love it! Danner how was your big 18th birthday? What did you do? Ben Happy Birthday on Sunday and Gracie Happy Birthday next week! Mom did you get my package with the birthday presents in them? Mandy there is package coming for your family. I will be sending more pictures soon. I am doing well and loving every minute. Please pray for me to do my best and stay focused! Te amo, te amo, te amo! Dios quiere nuestros familia ser eterna! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

Hermana Kjar (also known as Hermana "Kjar package" by my district because I got a package everyday of last week, Ha ha, thanks for your support!)P.S. I saw the Taylor Davies yesterday! He just got here, it is good to see familiar faces. Adam Bavelas is so adorable and is growing up fast! He is Zone leader and so cute!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Que pasa calebaza?

Como le fue su semana? This week was definitely a good one. We had many amazing experiences as always. Hmmmm.. . I never know where to start in these emails.

Well my Hermana Morley and I set up a lot of appointments at the teaching evaluation center lately. It has been so good! I am surprised at the compliments we have been given by the teacher mentors. We have become a lot better at getting to know the person first, then teach through the Spirit according to their needs. And sometimes we might only cover 1 principle from the first discussion, but that is ok.

I have learned so so much about teaching lately. I have grown to love love love teaching. We teach really good together and we teach the same way, we are so much alike, it is so funny. A couple of really cool experiences we have had lately. . . we made a goal to contact 2 people a day, English or Spanish. We went to dinner and saw 2 construction workers eating together, they were a little rough looking but it looked like a great opportunity. So we approached them and started getting to know them. I asked if we could share our testimonies with them and one said, well I am an athiest but go ahead. The other younger man with earrings said they both grew up in the church but he became inactive a couple years ago at 18. So this was perfect! I was so happy when I found out they weren't members. So we bore our testimonies about how Christ loves us individually and he has a plan for us and wants us to be happy. If we pray to know the truth and if this church is really true he will answer us, I know this because he has answered my questions. I could tell the younger one was listening intently and we might have sparked something. But then we said thank you and left. Even though they didn't commit to anything it made me so happy and I wanting to go tracting and get some doors slammed in my face! It is crazy how it excites me! I just love telling people that my God really does know me because it strengthens my testimony and makes me feel so happy.

We have also been chatting online in the Referral Center with people to get on to chat at I have chatted with a few people who have had some questions. I love telling them that our church can answer ALL of the questions they have. And I don't have to doubt that, I know it! I am so grateful for that comfort of knowing that!

Thank you, thank you, thank you everyone for making my birthday so Fun! I got 4 packages and many letters from friends and family! Mom my district says that you take care of them more than their mom does. So you have been voted to be our district mom! We had so much fun with the cake and other goodies, it was a good day. My district made it their responsibility to scare me everytime I walked in the room so I had enough birthday scares, don't worry Danner! Tell mary I got her package and I am sending her a letter today! Stacey, Mandy, Katie, thank you so much for your wonderful packages too!

Our district is still working on exact obedience, so please pray for us. WE have had some Elders really struggling to know if they really want to be on a mission. I know I was meant to be in this District to provide support though. I love them so much and I see so much potential in all of them. They just need to put away childish things and become men.

Well, I am really trying to focus 110% of my thoughts and time to my mission. So I am trying to not think about things at home and college a lot. This is the only 18 months that I have with just me and the Lord and I want to make it the best. So I still want to hear from all of you, but I won't be writing a lot of letters. Please stay updated on my blog! Sorry but I really need to have total focus.

I love you all so much, your support means so much and I pray for you every night. I really do feel your prayers for me!

Love you more! God speed!
Hermana Kjar

Friday, May 8, 2009

Holy Canoly!

Hola mi familia y amigos! Como le va su dia? Sorry it has been awhile, today is finally my first P-day that I have to write letters. SOOO much has happened and I will try to get all of it in this short half hour I have to write. Here are some things I have grown to love this last week:

1. I have a 5th appendage now, it is called my missionary tag. It says Hermana Kjar, La Iglesia de Jesucristo de los santos de los ultimos dias. I think that it has become my favorite thing. I feel so naked when I am not wearing it. It will be like tearing off a limb when I have to take it off. I feel so honored to wear my best friends name right over my heart. I love having Christ close to my heart always.

2. I have grown to love mail. It makes my day when my District leader, Elder Beardall brings back a letter or package for me. I really now understand the love that my brothers and sisters had for mail while they were on their missions.

3. I love my companion Hermana Morley. She is going to Salta Argentina so I will miss her when we part. WE really are so much alike. We have the exact same temperment and we laugh at the same things. It is so fun! There are some days when we cry we are laughing so hard.

4. I love my gym time that I have everyday! We only have an hour but we have been outside everyday. Hermana Morley and I love to play soccer, softball, and especially sand volleyball. We whip the elders butts! Unfortunately we are not allowed to play football, so my football skills will be very poor when I get home.

5. I am learning to have Christ-like love for my Elders. We have 8 Elders in our district and 4 of them are going to my same mission. And of course, some of them are still 19 and it is very evident sometimes. But there are a couple that are so freakin hilarious, but that is also dangerous because sometimes it loses the Spirit. But they treat us so nicely and I feel like there mothers sometimes. One day we were leaving the room to study somewhere else. And they begged us to stay, they said "if you stay, we will be quiet we promise!" We thought that was so funny that they really wanted us to stay that badly! But I really love them. We know each other so well now, they even know my menstrual cycle now and know when to stay away! Jk, but they really did write it on their calendar! Oh Elders!

6. I love letters from my parents. I have only been able to write you that one short letter. But mom and dad, everytime you send me a letter to answer a prayer of mine and give me the advice that I really needed at that time. Dad I have been trying to find ways to get the Elders to stay on task, and your last letter helped me so much. YOu are right I need to treat them like the Elders I want them to become and then they will live up to that. I have tried and I think I see it working. Thanks mom and Dad! I did get your cinnamon rolls and cinco de mayo package and I absolutely was thrilled. WE had a little party as a District and they all wanted me to say thanks and they love you already! Tell the other siblings to write me!

7. I love love love the many hours I have set aside to study preach my gospel and the blessed scriptures. It has made me so much more humble and helps me keep the Spirit. This will never happen again in my life so I am taking advantage of all of it! Please read preach my gospel, everything you can think of is in there!

8. I love obedience. Everyone told me before I came to worry about being obedient and everything else will be fine. That is so true! WE have had so many talks on that. I know that if I am exactly obedient I have the right to call on the lords help because he is bound when we do what he says. And I know how great that is. I can always expect help when I am keeping my part!

I love you so much family! Mom happy mothers day, there is a card coming for you!

Mucho amor,
Hermana Kjar

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sharla's First MTC Letter

May 1, 2009

Dear Familia,

Today has been good and a little overwhelming. I am so relieved that my companion is normal. We have so many things in common. She was actually in the same orientation meeting as our family. She was in the back with a green shirt on. Her name is Sister Morley from Midvale, UT. We both love sports and music. She does choir and plays the piano. She loves sports and is way laid back. I feel like we are sisters already. She is so cute and I am excited to grow with her. She is a little more shy than me.

I met my branch presidency and district today. It was so good to finally put faces to them. They are mostly pretty mature and I am so excited to grow with them.

I saw Adam Bavelas a lot today. He looks so good! We did shake hands even though we aren't supposed to because of the swine flu. Ha ha! Who does that?

Everyone is so friendly here and the sisters are treated like queens. The elders have to take our trays and stand up every time we walk in the room. We are the only sisters in our district of ten but I love it! Four of the other elders in our district are going to my same mission, so I will get to share my whole mission with them. I feel really lucky.

The food so far is great! There are usually a lot of choices. I can't wait to get out of all the orientation stuff and have a real normal schedule. I kind of feel lost right now.

I am really surprised to see that I am not homesick at all. All I needed to do was to get to work and forget myself. Those last couple of days at home were so emotional and long! Now I can focus.

My two teachers are Hermana Penaflor from Peru and Hermono Farrell. I really like them - they are master teachers.

I have seen the most random people that I know, it is crazy! Familiar faces are good!

I have grown so much and it hasn't been easy. I can't wait to see the growth when I leave in 8 weeks from this wonderful place.

Love you more!
Sharla aka Hermana Kjar

* Kjar cheer - (clap, clap, "WOOO!!!")