Sunday, October 5, 2008


Recently me roommates and I had to take an apartment picture to put in our ward directory.  These pics are some of the results.  I love my roommates and we have so much together.  There is no drama or easy offending going on. That is hard to get in a room full of 6 girls.  I am rooming with Stacey Gold and Xanning Tyler, the same roommates as last year.  But I have 3 new roommates.  Amy Briggs from Boise, Cassie Benson from New Mexico, and Rachel Burkey from Texas.  We all also really like sports.  We have made a lot of intramural teams.  Right now I am on a coed soccer team, girls flag football, and girls basketball.  I have a game every night of the week and I have so much fun staying active.  Life is good and I am enjoying learning something about the gospel everyday.  

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