Friday, October 3, 2008

BYU Road Trip!

Me and my roommates decided for our first weekend we wanted to take a road trip to Utah to go the the BYU game!  We had a blast, minus the speeding ticket on the way home:(  My roommates got a taste of the ole BYU Football fans, who act totally different at the game than they do at church. One thing about BYU football, it attracts some very attractive polynesian men! My mom was a great host and fixed up the house for my roommates to stay.  We played some games with the fam and ate some scrumptious fresh peach cobbler!  There is certainly no place like home.  P.S. the secret to good peach cobbler is coconut.  After the day in Provo at the game we went to The Pie Pizzeria hole in the wall restaurant.  And of course, we had to have our order name be Shanaynay, it is tradition!  Over the loud speaker they said, "Shanaynay your pie is ready, Shanaynay." Everyone looks to see who is going to stand up, and I am proud to claim that amazing name.  Then we went to the Gateway mall and ran through the fountains!  Everyone was surprised to see a bunch of college students playing in the water!  WE had so much fun and some roommate bonding.  BYU Cougars!

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