Monday, October 27, 2008

Brotherly Visitation

Ben, Danner, and LaCol came to visit me the weekend of October 17th.  It was such a refresher and we had so much fun.  My brothers are so uplifting and I find it harder to quarrel with them the older I get.  Of course Danner had to give me the regular smothering, but I can handle that every once in a while.  Deep down I love it.  Friday night we went to the dunes and did a bonfire and Saturday they came to watch my harp rehearsal.  Of course they were such gentlemen and brought flowers and donuts to my rehearsal.  We also made it over to Big Jud's to share a pounder hamburger.  It was so enjoyable and I realize how much I miss them when I am with them.  Everyone is is love with them the minute they meet them.  

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wilkinson_fam said...

Love the post, Shar. I heard fun things (from the boys) about your visit. How great that they could spend some time with you in your element.

But, where's the blog about your wonderful sisters? Just wonderin'.