Thursday, October 9, 2008

Spiritual Feast!!!

The best part about being here at BYU Idaho is the opportunity for me to feast on the spiritual things everyday.  Key word: opportunity.  It is a choice and not everyone takes advantage of it.  We are able to feast through devotional, discussion and prayer in class, gospel related homework and church.  There is no other place that you can get this kind of experience.  I hunger everyday for more spiritual knowledge, I have never felt this way before.   I have an amazing Religion class called Doctrines of the Gospel.  My teacher is kick butt and very intense, but I love that type of gospel learning.  Today has been such a good day because I was able to study my religion homework for 2 hours in the library.  This article I was assigned to read was so amazing I spent so long on it.  It is one of those talks you read that make you think for hours about what you can do better.  It is by a lady I have never heard of but she backs everything up scripturally and has amazing knowledge of the gospel.  Her name is M. Catherine Thomas and the article is called "The Doer of our Deeds."  Please read it!  It is one that I want to read once a month to keep my priorities straight.  Here is the link it is worth the time:  Here is my favorite part:
"Could I actually come to the point where I could act without calculating my own self-interest all the time? Could I really live my daily life so that I was constantly listening for the Lord's will and drawing down his grace to accomplish it?  And when the Lord in his mercy meshes his power with my agency and my effort and brings forth some measure of success, I ask, where is self-esteem? Where is even the need for self-esteem? I feel as though I just want to say instead, Lord, increase my faith." 

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