Monday, October 13, 2008

Show Biz

This last weekend I went to two amazing shows, and I want to let you know about them.  First one is the new movie Forever Strong, filmed at Highland High in Salt Lake.  It is about a High School Rugby team and the amazing coach that helped them become better people instead of just better athletes.  It is so good and there are no bad parts at all.  I definitely recommend to anyone!  Also, Natalie McMaster came to BYU Idaho.  She is a fiddler with her own band.  She does all kinds of music a lot of Celtic, scandinavian, and some Jazz.  She was a showman and put on such an energetic show.  She also clogs while she fiddles, and she is 5 months pregnant!  Her husband is part of the Leahy family band, which is also one of the best shows I have ever been too.  They do the same kind of music. 

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Anonymous said...

Wahoo!!! Sharla has a blog:) Now I can actually see what you are up too!!