Sunday, July 10, 2011

Christmas in July

Merry Christmas to everyone on the fourth of JUly!! That's how we celebrated the 4th of July this year - singing Christmas songs in Bethlehem. It was a great experience. My favorite part was sitting in Shepherds field, reading my scriptures to myself. I read the part in Luke 2 where the shepherds see the angels. They go with haste to the child then go tell everyone that Christ is born! They were some of the first Christian missionaries ever! I am so grateful for their obedience and example.
This is where they say that Mary had the baby, you can touch the rock that she had the baby on.
This is a picture of inside the Church built in Bethlehem, they have all kinds of different catholic shrines in one church.
This is in Shepherds field, where the angel announced to the humble obedient shepherds that the Christ child had been born.

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Haley K said...

Shar it was SO great talking to you the other night!! loved hearing you talk about how much you've learned and how you're inspired by the people around you :)

how awesome that you spent the 4th of july celebrating our Savior's birth! We were celebrating our country's birth and the freedoms we have here...and it's all because of the Savior who truly makes a way for us all to be free of sin. But i was glad to hear that you had a fun 4th of july celebration with burgers and hotdogs too :) yay for traditions! :)