Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mt. of Beattitudes

We visited the Mount of Beattitudes where the Savior gave the Sermon on the Mount and included the Beattitudes or "positive and loving version of the 10 commandments." They built a church on the top of the the Mount, of course, because that's what they do in every sacred place in Israel. But on the two slopes that go down the mountain there is a natural theatre that is there with great acoustics. So the Savior could have taught many people the Sermon on the Mount by standing in a special spot where it would pick up his voice.
The grounds were so beautiful!! The nuns take such good care of this place and we saw a lot of nuns meeting outside for class, singing, and studying the good word. It was a good place filled with the Spirit.

Sister Mary Rose, one of the Nuns there at the church, gave us a humble speech about the Beattitudes and the love that Jesus showed when he gave the Sermon on the Mount. With every single one of the Beattitudes there is a blessing. It shows us what kind of intention we should have inside when we keep the commandments. Sister Mary Rose really had good intentions and was really trying to do what the Lord wanted her to with all the love that someone can give. She bore the strongest testimony to us of the reality of our Savior and that we can only be saved through him. I loved her sweet humble testimony. While visiting so many churches here in Israel I have been so appalled at the love that the nuns and munks show towards us. Every time I talk to them or introduce myself, he hold my hand, bless me, and show so much love to a me - a stranger but also a sister in Christ. They come from all different countries to work here in Israel because it is so Holy. Through all these experiences with other religions I have learned that there are so many doing the best they can with the knowledge they have. They have such strong testimonies even though they can't explain everything. The Lord loves them so much and blesses them with his Spirit.
I thought this sign was funny. Can you tell what is weird about it?

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