Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I swam where Jesus walked

The Sea of Galilee - my new favorite place to be!!!
"Oh Galilee, sweet Galilee, where Jesus loved so much to be!"
This is part of a hymn that was taken out of the new hymn book but is one of my new favorites. Jesus spent most of his ministry teaching in the surrounding towns of Galilee. I now know why he loved it so much. It is such a beautiful fresh water lake with green beautiful little towns all around it. We stayed in a Kibbutz resort called Ein Gev for 12 days in little cabins right on the beach. During that time we had class and a lot of time for swimming. We also took a lot of field trips to all the places that the Savior was in around the Sea of Galilee. It was incredible!!

We are showing off our Galilee sun tan lines. It was sooooo hott!!!
A group of us outside our cabin on Sabbath morning.
This is me on a boat out in the middle of the Sea of Galilee about the same size as the fisherman's boat that Jesus was in. We sang "Master the tempest is raging" and we read the scriptures of Jesus calming the seas and walking on water. I learned so much about Peter and how much faith it would have taken to take that step out in the water especially when it was rough water. I want to be more like Peter and try to do hard things and have faith that I can do it with the Lords help. Jesus and Peter are the only ones that have walked on this water.
They found this boat within the last 20 years at the bottom of the Sea and they figured out it is about 2,000 years old. So this is similar to a boat that Jesus would have been in.
We did bonfires on the beach with smores, campfire songs, games, and skits. It was incredible! There is nothing like it!!
The sunsets were always so beautiful. Across the Lake was the city of Tiberias with all the beautiful city lights shining every night.
We are happy to be at Galilee!!!

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