Tuesday, July 5, 2011

We're gonna party like we're ARABS!!

Well one of the funnest things I have done since I have been here is participate in an ARAB WEDDING!! They guy that we exchange all of our money with is named Aladdin, and his son was getting married and so he invited a few of us students. We couldn't pass up the opportunity because we hear the weddings going on the time, and THEY KNOW HOW TO PARTY!! So we got all dressed up and showed up at the really nice hotel for 3 hours of pure fun and dancing!!
If there is one thing that I can say about Arab weddings it is that - THEY NEVER STOP DANCING!! The whole night they had songs pumping and the entertainment going. They fed us some good Arabic food and normal wedding cake. We were definitely the only people there that were not Arabs, so it was kind of awkward at first but they were so nice to us. They were begging us to come dance with them in every song. So basically we sent the night on the dance floor with the bride and groom and their family.


Haley K said...

how awesome to experience another culture's wedding celebration!! You guys must have made a good impression on the father of the groom to have him invite you :) And YAY for dancing!! i'm sure you had a blast busting a move shar ;) The video was fun to watch! The music, the decor, the lighting...and "the cake!" haha What a great time!

Sunshine Promises said...

Oh, that makes me miss Jerusalem! Do you still have brides/grooms showing up on the grounds to take wedding pictures? That happened ALL. THE. TIME. when I was there. Love it!

Aaron Butterfield said...

Shar Shar! I've been reading all your posts...looks like you're having SO much fun! I miss being over there. That's awesome that you got to go to Aladin's son's wedding! We're gonna have to get together and talk all about your trip when you get back :-)