Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I spent too much money at the Olive Wood shop!!!

One of my favorite parts about Jerusalem is the amazing olive wood shops that they have. Those who know me, know how much I love Nativities. In all my travels I try to buy a nativity from each country. I bought an amazing nativity and also spent some money on gifts for other people. I splurged and bought this bust of Christ, I just had to have something that I could leave out all year.
There were so many amazing nativities that I would buy in a second if I had the money.
This is a camel from the 3000 dollar nativity. So much detail in beautiful wood, this is my dream nativity!! One day. . .

This is Omar, who I bought most of my olive wood stuff from. He caters to the mormons because we buy so much from him. This is the bust that I bought, it was the best Christ face that I found.
Although I spent a lot of money, I know that I bought things that I will use my whole life and they will be a symbol of my love for Jerusalem and everything that I learned here.

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Aaron Butterfield said...

Shar! I bought the same bust of Christ...isn't it stunning?! I loved it too. Good taste :-)