Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Just a few of my adventures this week

We were able to walk along the wall of the old city and have a birds eye view of what goes on and the people and culture, we loved it!! I was about 2 miles long. Can you see the dome of the rock in the background?

Here I am walking the narrow walkway on the top of the city wall with some good friends.

With some more friends overlooking the city.

Standing in the middle of the old city with a my friends, we were shopping and looking around, just exploring. We usually get out and do that for a couple hours a day. It is so fun! I don't think there is another city that is packed with more culture and diversity than Jerusalem. And to think, Jesus walked these streets!!

I have loved studying all the churches that we have been to, even though they are not of our faith, we take apart all the symbolism and relate to what we believe and the symbols we have in our temples. There are many similarities. This church was a Lutheran church called the Augusta Victoria, we were able to climb the big tower and look over the city.

I love this map in West Jerusalem. In this artists rendition, Jerusalem is in the center of the world, everything revolves around it. I love it!!! It kind of feels that way sometimes.

We were wandering through the old city and kind of got lost and found ourselves in the allies with a ton of kids playing, it was a more rural part where they had little apartments. It was cool to see all that, everything is so compact in the old city. Some people that live with in this small space, don't leave for months at a time because everything they need is inside.

This is Lizzie and I at the western wall. Crazy story, Lizzie is actually the sister of Hermana Tingey, who I trained in the mission. It has been awesome getting to know her. It is so incredible to see these devout Jews pray to God. I respect them very much for what they do and they way they actually LIVE their religion. They rock back and forth and chant prayers and sing. They also write prayers on papers and shove them in the walls. It is an amazing sight. If the men want to get close to the wall they have to where a yamaca, or something covering their head. I will tell you more about this later, because on Friday we are going as a group to watch them welcome in the sabbath at night. I am so excited!!


Haley K said...

Shar it looks like you're having the adventure of a life time!...and it's only just started! :) Loved all the photos :) keep 'em coming!

How awesome that you're able to learn so much about other faiths...and that your respect has grown for the Jewish faith :) Like you said, it is always great to see someone truly living what they believe :) I'm excited to hear about Friday night!

And that's got to be so humbling, yet exciting, to know you're walking where Jesus walked and where so many miracle happened.

Love and miss you Sharla!

Adri said...

YAYAYAYAYYAYAYAYAYAY! That is basically all I can come up with to say because I am SO stinking excited for you!