Monday, May 30, 2011

Turkish Rug Factory

Turkey is known for their beautiful rugs. We visited a rug factory in Turkey and also one in Beersheba when we got back to Israel. Here are some pics of the steps that they go through to make the rugs. They are super complex and super expensive too!! They make two different kinds of rugs - wool and silk. The silk was my favorite, so soft!! I loved watching them spin the silk thread from the silk worm cocoons. It is a crazy process and the cocoons come apart like strings of a spider web. The whole process that we learned was so hands on. We were able to touch everything and they even taught us how to do the double knot that they use on the turkish rugs. It takes about 4-6 months for one person to do each carpet. What a labor of love!!

All the threads are dyed with natural dyes.

These are the silk worm cocoons that they boil to make the silk thread

This video is my favorite because in the show room the guy in charge was ordering his little flingers around. They were basically flinging this rugs all sorts of ways and we agreed that it is officially a new sport. WE were laughing so hard!! Check it out!!

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