Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mosques and Arab Women

While we were in Turkey we visited many mosques. You could spend a year in turkey and visit mosques all day, everyday and still not see all of them. About 90 percent of Turkey is Muslim, so they need a lot so all the people can worship. They are asked to go to the mosque 5 times a day to pray, so they are always going to the mosque. In Istanbul alone there are 3,000 mosques.
You have to take off your shoes before you go in and the woman have to cover their head and wear long sleeves. The Muslim people wash their hands, feet and faces every time they go into the mosque. They are very devoted worshippers.
One thing that I love about he mosques is that there are no idols or statues. They do not worship any kind of statue.
Two of the main mosques we went to were in Istanbul and they are the "blue mosque" and the Aya Sophia. They were both so pretty. We took some good pictures of us as Arab women. It was really fun and adventurous.

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