Thursday, May 12, 2011

Some faces of Jerusalem

These are just a few random pics that I took, I hope you enjoy.
A cool picture of some castle, sorry for some reason it wouldn't rotate

We all had matching hymnbooks and we had to take pictures.

This is me pointing up at the Jerusalem center on the hill (the one with the arches)

Jerusalem has some awesome gummy stores, all kinds of gummies.

This is a picture inside one of the Jewish synagogues, they have all kinds of prayer books.

This is a very normal sight in Jerusalem, soldiers with big guns, and Jews and Arabs walking by all dressed up.

I thought these obama T-Shirts were pretty swell

This guy was super shy, but was willing take a picture with me. I didn't really get what he was trying to say with his signs. But, it was funny.

This is the Cardo, or what the old city streets looked like before. And my friend Jennifer tried to fit into the mural. Can you see her?

So I saw this and had to take a picture. This is a family inside joke, the paper says Challah covers. My little brother used to always call me Chulla, and it kind of stuck. They started calling mm Jewish bakery roll because they said challah, or chulla meant Jewish bakery roll. Apparently it means some kind of pillow too. But it was covering me, so it is officially a Chulla cover in more ways than one.

This place is so beautiful and is a light to the whole city. Too bad we can't see inside.

I like to sneakily take pictures of people like this to show some real culture.

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Brenna said...

What grand adventures you are having dear Sharla!!! :) Thanks for sharing with us!!