Monday, May 9, 2011

Joshua fit the Battle of Jericho, Jericho, Jericho!!

Today we journeyed to Jericho. There is a long stretch of absolute nothing with a lot of hotness and sweat between Jericho and Jerusalem. Of course we didn't walk there like Elisha and Jesus, but we did sweat a lot while climbing those mountains. One of my favorite parts was seeing all the Bedouins with their little shacks built on a mountain of pure sand. They follow their little flocks around all day. I was thinking to myself, what do these animals eat? There is nothing!! But I guess the dried grass is brown and you can't really see it, but they say it is pretty delicious. I asked on of the goats and he told me it was not BAAAAAAAD. So there you have it.
We visited many places, but one of my favorite parts was seeing where the walls came tumbling down miraculously in the battle of Jericho and also Herod's palace. We saw the remains of the wall of Jericho that fell. It is another living testament that God lives. I was so amazed at how these simple acts, if we follow exactly what the Savior says, can help us work miracles. The Lord will do what is necessary
to protect us if we just follow what he says. We read the scriptures while we were sitting on top of those walls and I could just imagine them walking around the city everyday. The city of Jericho is actually really cool because between Jerusalem and Jericho there is nothing but hills of dirt, but when you get to the city of Jericho everything becomes green again because of one spring in that city that gives live to everyone therein. This spring was blessed by Elisha and made sweet, and ever since then the whole city has been able to live off of it. It's not that small though, so it would be hard to walk around the city everyday and especially 7 times the 7th day. But because of their obedience they were able to w
in the battle.
The lesson I learned in this is that no matter how hard or unreasonable commands from the Lord may sound, we must do it no matter what and have faith that he will do his part. Because I know he will, even though it doesn't make sense why we should do it.
This is Brother Chadwick who teaches us our Ancient near eastern studies. He is an archeologist and pretty much knows everything about everything. So it is so fun to have him with us to explain the why's of history.

These are the Bedouin homes that are on the rocky hills between Jericho and Jerusalem, they live to follow their livestock.

This is Lizzie and I at Jericho next to the spring, Jericho is actually below sea level, so we sang Under the Sea many times together.

This is the tree that short Zacheus climbed in the Bible so he could see Christ better when he came by, and Jesus saw him and said, "come down, I am coming to dine at your house tonight." So we had to stop and take pictures.

This is Amanda Judd and I on our field trip. She didn't really want to take a picture, haha. She is my Old Testament teachers daughter. It is so fun to have some kids around.

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William said...

Oh I would love to follow your group around and eat up everything that you are learning about all these sights. Being there a semester is NOT like taking a short tour through Jerusalem! rock. Thanks for the posts they are fascinating and I learn through your experiences. Love you more...MOM xoxpxoxpxoxp