Monday, May 30, 2011

Some of my favorite things about Turkey

Besos and little old ladies - We were able to spend a few nights walking the bay and experiencing the night life. It was so pretty. A couple of our hotels were located right on the coast. This little old lady we met on the dock and I just smiled and said hi to her. The next thing I know she had me cheeks in her hand and she was kissing me, like they do in Argentina. She kept saying things in Turkish and she seemed so excited. You can see how happy I am in the picture. She was so sweet and we bonded in that 5 minutes, even though we couldn't understand each other. I really love those besos!!

This was sunset on the bay!!

We saw shepherds herding their sheep in the plains of Turkey. It was beautiful. One day we stopped to talk to a shepherd and he let us pet some of his sheep, it was so fun to live the Bedouin life for 10 minutes. It really brings to life the reason behind why they call Christ the shepherd. Each shepherd knows there sheep and the sheep only respond to his voice.

Best Baklava EVER!!! Our guide to us to a shop in Istanbul that was simply amazing! All they make is baklava and they specialize in Pistachio baklava. It was so good!

And yes, they had to show us their pan of baklava that they made into Obama. We all were pretty impressed.

We ate at some pretty good seafood places right on the coast. This is the fish that we ate, eyeballs and all! It was good and a great adventure.

The grand Bazaar is the biggest shopping place in the world, dedicated to mostly tourists. There is over 4000 shops there and it is almost too overwhelming because a lot of them sell the same thing. It has been there for years, so it is pretty famous. And of course, I did find some pretty sweet souvenirs there.
This awesome picture I took was of a huge underground cisterne that held water for all of Istanbul for a long time. It was so pretty inside.

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