Monday, October 26, 2009

Six month mark

I've never been the kind to testify
I don´t have the words his truth deserves
But it´s a simple thing he asks a worthy heart and willing hands
He says if I make the choice He´ll help me find my voice
He calls me to serve and I cannot fail him
The one who has given me all that I have
I place my trust in him alone, he knows the yearnings of my soul
Because he believes in my I will go willingly
How can i keep this gift to myself when I can lift somebody else
I am a witness of his miracles and his mercy
I put my future in his hands knowings he´s made me all I am
When I put my faith him, then truth begins to speak
His power is real it moves me until, I CANNOT BE STILL.

I have reached 6 months, living the sweet life of a missionary. These 4 months in Argentina I have spent in Mar del Plata in the same area with native companions. I have had to learn the language fast, but it is a blessing. The mission is amazing. I love every part of it. From automatically loving the people you have never met before, having new adventures everyday, feeling that no one wants to listen, spending every hour of your day thinking about how we can bring others to Christ, feeling the love fo the members, being led in the most interesting ways to discover someone in need, Panaderias, knocking door after door knowing you are one door closer to that person searching, eating every part of all kinds of animals, searching for the will fo the Lord in all things, saying 20+ prayers everyday with your companion, witnessing the gospel change hearts and then change lives, returning after a hard day of the Lord work and knowing you did your best in the Lords vineyard. Like Elder Nielson of the Seventy said in the last conference, this is our calling and responsibility as the rising generation to take the gospel to every nation. I feel blessed to be a part of this marvelous work and am trying to become who that Lords wants me to be.

Hermana Kjar


Wow, I was not expecting that news. How did Rick die? The Lord works in interesting ways. Who is in our new STake Presidency? Dad thanks for the update and the miracles. The Lord has a plan for everything. I can´t believe that half of their family now is on the other side. But luckily we have this knowledge, this knowledge I get to share with people everyday on the streets. Knowledge that is so different and if people are ready, this knowledge can turn their heads and cause them to change their lives. I can´t believe we had another 2 deaths in our ward boundaries. MOm and Dad, are you thinking of moving out of the ward yet? jk, man that is crazy.

WEll this week was great. We completed all of our goals and even planned and executed a ward activity. Let´s just say when I say ward activity don´t think of a ward activity in Utah. Think of a pary with 2 people, even though our ward probably has the same amount of people as my home ward. But we had fun and laughed a lot. We had everyone bring fruit and together we made a delicious fruit salad and talked about the unity of the barrio that we need so badly. Then we did some scripture skits and we laughed so hard because they never do stuff like this here so the acting skills were funny. It was fun and I am glad we did it.

This week is probably my last week in Mar del plata so we are living it up! Today we went to Puerto, or the Port and saw sea lions large ships, fresh fish, fisherman, and took long walks up and down the port. WE had a lot of fun just the two of us.

This week we were able to spend more time with Jessica (my convert) and her family. WE can finally enter her house and teach her children. It brings me so much joy to be with her family because she has changed so much and it shows in her family. He children want to be baptized so in time they will be. I had to break the news to her that I will probably be leaving on Sunday and she started bawling and was scared that I would never see her again or write her. This will be hard to leave, especailly because it is my first area. But I can feel it is time. The language is coming, I am feeling a lot better and can understand everything and surprise myself sometimes at how much I can say.

My ankle is feeling a lot better. We starting running in the mornings again and I think that has helped strengthen my ankle. The Lord is blessing me.

I am so grateful especially at this point of my mission to be growing. The Lord is helping me so much by telling me things I need to improve and I feel my spirit growing so much. We have a baptism this sunday with a young 14 year old boy named Walter. He is really shy but really firm. I hope it all works out and his parents cooperate.

On thursday I complete 6 MONTHS in the mission, can you believe it! Also Happy Halloween. It doesn´t feel like halloween at all. Because it is Spring and hardly anyone celebrates Halloween here, but we will do something special. Me and my companion were thinking about dressing up as each other. haha, that is just about as crazy as we can be in the mission.

I love you all so much!! besos, besos
Hermana KJar


October 19, 2009

Familia – mi solcita, amorcita

I just got an email from Luke and Becca, how exciting, I hope it really does turn out to be a boy. I am so grateful to hear that the CNG and Autosource thing is working out well. How convenient. I´ll bet it is a lot easier for Jeremy.

This week has been good. I was sick but we still went out and worked and I think I am getting over it. My ankle has been bothering me but I am scared to go get it checked because going is home is my worst fear.(no offense family) But it isn´t way bad, but it bothers. My body is going to be so worn out and tired by the time I get home.

Yesterday was mothers day in Argentina, it was kind of sad to not have a mother to celebrate with and all the members didn´t want to invite us over because they had all of there family over. So we decided to go visit a few sisters in our ward that are in rest homes. It was so perfect and helped us forget ourselves and help others who needed our help and comfort. We went to visit one old lady named Isabel and her family didn´t even come to say hello to her. But she was so happy, especially when we showed her the pictures of the temple and the prophets. There was a lot of lonely mothers there and we did a little cheering up. There was a piano and I started playing songs, and it is really rare for people to have musical talent here so they were all so surprised. But it made my day and we want to go back more often. Oh and mom - Feliz Dia de la Madre from your daughter in Argentina. I love you and miss you.

We made little papers with dried flowers to give to all the women in our ward to thank them for being out mothers away from home. It was a good day. We have a ward activity that we are planning for this Friday. We will be making fruit salad together and doing scripture skits. I hope people come and we can get out point and lesson across – ward unity. Pray for us!

I heard about the girls retreat from Becca, how fun to have all the sister in laws. It all sounded amazing. Can we do it after I get home next year? In the end of October or November. I love my sisters so much and miss every one.

The work is moving along and we are working hard. I love every minute. Elder Bowen from the Seventy that took Elder Robbins spot came to visit us. He laid down the line and I learned sooooo much. I am so grateful for righteous leaders that recieve revelation from God to help us improve. It was an awakening that I need to do better. I have two more weeks in Pompeya and am enjoying every bit of it!

Keep the Faith and remember your covenants you made in the temple.

Love you more!
Hermana Kjar
October 12, 2009

Querido Familia,

Como esta C-ville y mi familia? Gracias for the update from the Homecoming stuff. Sounds so fun!! It is so great that Danner has parents that help him with everything. Who did Danner take? Dad I can´t believe Blaine Cox is back in church. What a missionary you are! That is so great!

Mom I got your package last week, it was amazing. Did I tell you I needed socks and nylons? Everything you sent was perfect. Just so you know I think your package came in exactly 2 weeks.

This week was really good and was a testimony that the Lord really does have a hand in this work. There was one day that we were so tired and sick of walking and knocking doors just to have people reject us and tell us they are Catholic or we are wrong. We had walked all morning and every appnmt fell through and we hadn´t entered one house. We returned to our house for lunch and we were both really frustrated and wondering what we are doing wrong. So I said a long prayer and told the Lord everything I was feeling. Then we were back out on the streets at 3.30. It was so interesting because we had so much success that afternoon and people actually started talking to us. We ended up getting 5 new investigators which is really good. And we entered the home of a family that is way crazy but so fun. Our lessons were so distinct and humorous.

The first was with 2 grandpas who were chillin in the street and started talking with me because one of them knew a little bit of English – hahaha. We had a really powerful discussion and the Spirit was so strong during the first vision. It was a testimony to my companion and I that we are doing the right thing. But both of them ended up telling us that they like our message but they are catholics and have their Bible. Some people are so hard!!

The second discussion was with a grandma who couldn´t hear anything. When we started the discussion she kept telling us to talk louder and then would scoot her chair closer. By the end we were about 4 inches from her face yelling in her ear. Haha, I think the whole block heard our message. That´s what we want right?

The third was with this family that is way outgoing and crazy. They were so curious that once we started answering one question they asked a new one and we ended up teaching a little bit of every discussion. It was pretty fun!!

Well we have our new bishop and it has been amazing. He is so organized and young and wants to do so much. It is a breath of fresh air to our ward. Our ward is taking a new turn and I hopw a lot of people reactivate. We are doing great and trying to stay focused in teh work. I am a little sick because I had a sore throat and then we were outside all night in a really bad rain storm and decided to take advantage of the puddles. So we came back to the house soaked and I caught a cold. Oops!! But all is well. We are going to play sports on the beach, and tomorrow I think I am going to chop my hair, awwwww!

Love you so much,
God bless -
Hermana KJar
October 5, 2009

Dearest familia,

I feel so blessed right now at this point of my mission. There is no where else I would rather be. (even though I am sad I missed the trip with danner, how fun!) We were able to watch every single session of conference, except priesthood of course. I was so spiritual fed, it was like a feast and something I hunger for especially here in the mission. Being here far away from Salt Lake City gave me a stronger testimony that our prophets and apostles really are the seers for the whole world called of God. We had 4 investigators come to conference and each one absolutely loved it. It is good for investigators to see the organization that we have and feel of the power and spirit that is in each word. I especially loved the last session with elder holland and Elder nielson of the seventy, because they were about missionary work and I was filled. I was grateful for all the talks about Gods love because it is something that we talk about alot with people because they are always asking why there is so much bad and suffering people when there is a God that loves his children. They have a seperate room for the missionaries from the US to listen to conference in English. It was great to hear the real voices of the prophets.
This week was good, we found more success in our work and have some new investigators. My companion is great and we are having fun. I love listening to her sing in English, aka jibberish. We bought a huge watermelon the other day and are still working on it. It reminded me of summers with dad- pounding all the watermelons in the store and making a scene, and then eating it in large slices with salt. I miss little memories like that. This week I completed 5 months in the mission, I can´t believe it. It was also Hna Fierros 22nd birthday and we celebrated with brownies and a tour of Mar del plata (haha, because we took the right bus but the wrong direction). It was definetely an adventure and our bus hit another car and this older lady that was standing next to me got clotheslined by my arm when we crashed and she basically bit my arm because her mouth was open because she was screaming when my arm clotheslined her. I couldn´t stop laughing and she was kind of upset. Oops, it provided for a good day of fun.

MOm and Dad, those pictures look so fun! I loved everyone. Danner is such a lucky ducky! I am excited to hear who the new stake presidency is. Did they have a ceremony for Tank? Wow, haha, what kind of dog does grandma have. My brothers are becoming the new crocidile hunters, eh? what adventures they have while their wifes are laying on teh beach watching thier bellies grow. When does Haley and Becca find out what they are having?

Well I love you all so much and hope to hear from you soon!
Hna Kjar

The True Church

September 28, 2009

Dear family,

I am content in my service. This week was good, cold, trying, tiring, fun, spiritual, frustrating, new, and fulfilling. Everytime I think about what I want to write my family I am reminded at how many emotions are involved in this work. I can´t imagine the work of the Lord and how Bipolar that can be. But I am staying grounded in the gospel. No matter what happens in our live the only thing that will stay constant and firm is the gospel of Jesus Christ and our relationship with God.

This week we did a lot of searching and knocking doors. The Argentine people can definitely be tough sometimes. But we try to continue on with a smile knowing that one day we will find that person and it will be all worth it.

Hermana Fierro is great and we laugh a lot. She is a little bit more laid back than Hna Lopez and in someways that is good but it some ways that can be bad. But we work good together. Both of my companions have had one parent that is not a member. It is amazing to see their desire to have a family like mine. I have taken for granted the opportunity to have a family that is sealed in the temple. And I didn´t have to work for it, I was born into it. Mom and dad, thank you for living worthy lives and staying strong to be married in the temple. So many people would give anything to have a complete family that is all mormons. Hna Lopez told me that she learned a lot from my family. Just through your little gifts or notes, it impacted her a lot.

I am so glad to hear the baptism was great. I love watching newbies enter the church, they are like little children. I about started crying when I read what danner said in his testimony. I am so grateful for him and his friendship. The least I could do for him is help him learn a little more before he serves a mission. He is more of an example to me. I can´t wait for our Kjar bear hug in 3 years!! But time will fly and we will be mature adults!! Haha, Love you bud, write me! Continue the missionary work, I am sure there are others waiting. Pres Hinckley said every member knows someone that is ready to be baptized, even in Utah!

Dad thanks for you story about our missionary in Denmark. That story will help me in lessons or other things in the mission. People ask me about when my ancestors joined and I can´t tell them much, so thanks.

Our ward had a major change this week. We changed bishobrics and now we have a 27 year old bishop, and the two counselors are 27 and 25. So it is a huge change but they all served missions so I hope missionary work is important to them. This will shake our ward a little bit, so we are focusing on visiting a lot of members this week. I am feeling the weight of the world really strong in this work. The second coming is drawing close and the hearts of the people are hardening. The Lord is sifting out the week from his ward and branches and it is tough. At least we know we are on the Lords side.

I am glad to heare grandma smoot is home but sad to hear Tank died, is he that old?
This week we found a few investigators that we are so excited about. One is named Enrique, he is 75 and has a son that is inactive. But he doesn´t know much and we taught him his first lesson about the plan of salvation. He was on the edge of his seat teh whole time because he wanted to learn so bad. This information is so important, it is about thier salvation and eternity. His wife died a long time ago and so he was really curious. He is definitely prepared, and he asked all of the dream questions that a missionary wants. He told us he knew that our life was eternal. He also asked, but what is the purpose of life?? And he also knew that there had to be something else because there was ancient life in the Americas also – the book of Mormon. We about fainted and taught him an amazing lesson. He was so excited to learn. Pray that he will read and pray to know it is true. We also found a family just knocking doors who had mormon friends who gave them a Book of Mormon and just that seed helped us set an appointment. The dad kept saying, you Mormons are good people, you know that? We were a little flabbergasted because all of the others were slamming doors in our faces. But the work goes on and I am grateful for my time here.

Love you more!
Hna Kjar


September 21, 2009

The Church is true and the book is blue. I love this church with all my heart and I love seeing peoples lives change. This week we were able to baptize Hector. Hector is 67 and stopped smoking, drinking, and lost a lot of weight. He looks so good and now he wears a shirt and tie to church. The change in his countenance alone is amazing. The baptism on Saturday was really good and Hna Lopez and I sang a song together. The talks were really good and hector loved it. Yesterday in our Sunday school class he bore his testimony of the change he feels. Yesterday he was also confirmed and he was so ready and excited. He will be a firm member and we need all we can get here. Jessica finally got confirmed!!!! She is doing so well now because we had a lesson with her and my companion laid down the line!! She told her that riches is not what her children need. If they live in a shack eating polenta everyday but have the gospel and are a happy family, that is better than having all the riches of the world. So Jessica kicked Antonio out of the house for good and was confirmed, she also brought all of her children to church.

Yesterday was the farewell of Hna Lopez, she has been in pompeya for 4 months and has changed this ward. There was many tears with all of the members and we both gave talks in church and sang. She has done wonders in this ward and I hope I can continue her legacy with my new companion.

I got so lucky. The companion that Hna Lopez was hoping that I would get -- I got!!! Her name is Hermana Fierro and she is from Chile. She is really happy and a little harder to understand because of her accent. But she works like Hna Lopez and is obedient so I couldn´t ask for more. I need more practice with my Spanish also. It was a little hard to say goodbye to my madre- hna Lopez but she is going to open a new area with a mini missionary. Today we played ultimate frisbee on the beach with the Elders and my companion actually likes sports and running and eating healthy so it will be great!! I feel so blessed to have had the best sisters in the mission especially in the begginning because it will help me set my standard and learn to work hard.
One thing I have realized that many people come and go and things are always changing in the mission, which is really different for me because I have lived in Centerville all my life and lived in college with my best friend. But the mission is a growing experience because the only person that is always with my is the Lord. He is my companion always and this relationship that is growing between me and the Lord is going to bless me for the rest of my life no matter what happens.

How is Grandma Smoot? Danner good luck with your baptism this week, please write me and tell me all about it.

I am so freakin jeleous that you are going to Palmyra, that has been my dream for a while. Dad will you take me there after my mission? I also would like to return home and then come back to my mission together. So let me know what you think.

Love you more,
Hermana Kjar

Spring is here!

September 14, 2009

Sorry my email didn´t work last week. I am doing great and loving life. Everyday is a new adventure. . . that is for sure. We meet some pretty interesting people and also some amazing people that put me in awe. The adventures of the mission are adventures that I will never experience again. And you know me. . . I love adventures and trying new things!!
I was sad to hear about Grandma Smoot but I hope everything is going ok. Whatever happens I know the Lord is in charge of that women´s life. She has been a light to many and hope that she can get well soon.

Dad thanks for the BYU football update, that is amazing! I wish the best for my cougs. At least we know we have the Lord on our side, right?? Ha ha

Well this week was really good, the weather has been amazing. I love Spring. With the Stamenz family, the 2 girls were supposed to be baptized yesterday but the mom wants them to investigate the church longer. It is so amazing to see how some children are so sensitive to the spirit and what god wants. I know now why the Lord tells us to become like children. Esperanza, age 10, told us that she has been praying to know if this is the true church. Before this she had been going to other churches to investigate and she loves to read. She had a dream God told her that this was the only true church of God. So she knows without a doubt that this is the church for her. I love teaching children the gospel because they soak everything up, and it is always more exciting.

On Saturday we have 2 baptisms with Hector and Juan Ignacio. Hector is an older man who just stopped smoking and has been attending church for over a month. He remembers everything that is said in every meeting and reads the Bof M every night. Juan is a 9 year old boy. His mom, claudia, has been a member for 30 years but also inactive for 30 years. We reinactivated her and Juan has been coming to church. He wants to be baptized.

This week was really great because we achieved our of our goals that were set really high. There is a new rule with our new President that we can´t count someone as a new investigator unless we enter into their house and teach them a lesson. That is really hard to do around here because no one can trust anyone. But this week we set our goal for 10 new investigators and we did it! The assistants to the presidents called us to congratulate us because it is really unheard of. This is probably my last week with Hna Lopez and I am praying that my next companion will like to work and is Latino. I need to improve my spanish still and I know it will be a hard change to a new companion.

Last night we had a FHE with the Bishops family and we made fruit pizza with the sugar cookie mixes that mom sent with Mattias. They thought it was the best thing ever! It was so fun and we love there family so much. Thanks mom for that!!

I am reading the Bible a lot lately and I have absolutely fallin in love with the New Testament. I am in Matthew and everytime I read I can´t get enough. The scriptures are so amazing and Christ is the ultimate example of love.
This mission is the best thing ever and I am enjoying my self so much.

Love you more!
Hermana Kjar

Mom, can you send me pictures that we took at Thanksgiving at the cabin with the fam and with Danner? Also I need the wedding date of Katie.

I am so glad to hear Lindsey is in Gracie´s class! Give her a huge hug for me and tell her I love her. I am sad I missed her wedding. I also was looking through a missionary book that a member family has of letters and pictures from missionaries and guess who I found?? Ryan Arrington. What a small world huh? The Savoia family in Pompeya. Lacol sent me a picture of Ben and your children, holy crap!! Your children are getting old! Ashton is huge and also the Baby is grande!! How fun, I hope your anniversary was so fun. Can you believe it has been 8 years! Wow, you two are such great examples.

I am so happy to hear about your baptism with your missionary investigator! Good luck with that! Make sure you check up on him throughout the week because I have found when the date is set Satan starts working really hard. You need to stop by just to check up on him. That is such awesome preparation for you mission. Congrats bud! I want to hear about your officer duties and the start of your senior year. When is Homecoming? Who are you going with? I love you so much and always think about you and love to tell everyone about my best friend Danner. Love you bud, cuidese.

I love you to bits and am always thinking about you? How is Kalia and Tyler? How is your life and Send Out cards?